Who is Narah Baptista, the new alleged girlfriend of Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel would have a new girlfriend: she is Narah Baptista, a 27-year-old model of Brazilian and Australian origins. To support the rumors about their alleged flirtation, a series of stories exchanged between the two on Instagram and some videos that portray them together in Rio De Janeiro.

Is called Narah Baptista the new alleged girlfriend of Vincent Cassel: the actor would have definitively moved on after the end of his marriage to Tina Kunakey, with whom he got married in 2018, and would have started a relationship with the 27-year-old model (he is 56). Supporting the numerous rumors about their flirtation was Baptista herself, who posted a story with him in the foreground on Instagram which was immediately reshared by the French producer.

The story posted on Instagram by Narah Baptista

At the moment there is no official confirmation from those directly involved but on social media the two appear to be very close, or at least that’s what the emoji with little heart-shaped eyes that they dedicate to each other suggest. Cassel and the Brazilian also participated together in an event in Rio De Janeiro and were immortalized while having fun next to each other during a party at the Renascença Clube, an association that promotes cultural events of the black community. Also on social media, the Brazilian posted a series of selfies accompanied by the caption “Yours“, to which Cassel replied in Portuguese: “Your“.

Vincent Cassel and Narah Baptista immortalized together at an event in Rio De Janeiro

Vincent Cassel and Narah Baptista immortalized together at an event in Rio De Janeiro

Who is Narah Baptista

Narah Baptista is 27 years old, works as a model and participated in the edition of Miss Universe Australia 2020. She has Brazilian and Australian origins which are clearly evident from her physical features, such as her dark and deep eyes or her long raven hair. On Instagram she is present as “narahbaptist” and she loves to share shots that portray her alone or in the company of her friends and family, as well as profound reflections on her life: “How can I be so cruel to myself when I’m doing the best I can do“, reads one of the last posts pinned on his account.

The breakup with Tina Kunakey

The most mischievous eyes immediately noticed a physical resemblance between Narah Baptista and Tina Kunakey, Cassel’s ex-wife and the same age as the showgirl. The two got married in August 2018, but their relationship ended suddenly after “a moment of profound crisis“, as the Daily Mail reported last April. The two had a daughter named Amazonie. The end of their story was then confirmed by the disappearance of every photo of his wife from Cassel’s social media pages: the reasons, at the moment, remain unknown .

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