Sofia May Napolitano, granddaughter of the president emeritus, at the state funeral today: «A formidable grandfather»- -

Sofia May Napolitano, granddaughter of the president emeritus, at the state funeral today: «A formidable grandfather»- -
Sofia May Napolitano, granddaughter of the president emeritus, at the state funeral today: «A formidable grandfather»- -

Today, ai secular state funeral of Giorgio Napolitano – the president emeritus who died on Friday 22 September at the age of 98 – also spoke Sofia May Napolitanoborn in 1997, daughter of Napolitano’s eldest son, Giovanni (born in 1961).

She spoke during the ceremony at Montecitorio with a speech to remember the man, the grandfather, beyond the political personality.

Sofia May has a brother, Simone, born in 1999.

Granddaughter Sofia May: “Formidable and attentive grandfather, always present in need”

“Giorgio Napolitano he was a leader, a politician and a formidable, thoughtful man, full of attention. He was always there for us, he listened to our problems in a sympathetic and understanding way even though he was already busy with the country’s problems”, she says, moved. Sofia May Napolitanoduring the ceremony in the Chamber of Deputies.

A personal memory of a life lived together that traces the figure of an attentive and present grandfather. In particular, the granddaughter remembers Giorgio Napolitano’s bond with Queen Elizabeth. A long and composed applause is given to her by those present.

“He always told us that any goal is achievable, he remembered everything we told him and made us feel like we could trust him whenever we needed it. He taught us how important it was to treat everyone with respect and courtesy, regardless of differences in opinions and positions, he taught us how important family and friendships are», continues Sofia May.

“He taught us how important it is love what you do and fight for your ideals, without worrying about the obstacles or complications to overcome. He will always be the person we admire most: I hope that you can all remember him with the same affection and admiration that we have for him.”

«He always found time to pick us up from school»

Sofia May Napolitano also remembered «the friendship she shared with until the very end Emanuele Macaluso» but also the delicacy of a man who «even when we were little he called us when he thought there were cartoons on television that we would like» and despite all his commitments «he always found time to pick us up from school to take us to eat ice cream at Villa Borghese”.

Sofia reveals that among Napolitano’s favorite places there were “Stromboli and Capri”. The pride for her grandfather overflows in her words: «We have always been struck by how much he was admired and appreciated everywhere in the world: we have always felt proud to be his grandchildrenTO”.

Lots of applause for Sofia May Napolitani: Meloni captured by her niece

The chamber of the Chamber was conquered by Sofia May’s memory of her grandfather Giorgio Napolitano. The speech of the granddaughter, who offered an intimate and familiar portrait of the president emeritus, was greeted with applause from the chamber. The first round of applause was addressed to his son Giulio, who had spoken immediately before.

But it was Sofia’s words that got the most attention from those present. After some initial hesitation due to her emotion, overcome thanks to her brother Simone who placed a hand on her shoulder, Sofia then finished without hesitation. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, like Antonio Tajani, also turned towards the presidential benches to better follow Sofia’s speech.

The funeral of President Emeritus Napolitano

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