Serious injury for Lazio: he leaves in tears

Lazio drew against Atletico Madrid and also lost a crucial player to injury: he left the pitch in tears.

The Biancocelesti of Maurizio Sarri they are going through a very complex moment after having lost three of the five matches (with one win and one draw) played so far. The match against Atletico Madrid was certainly positive, full of goalscoring actions and with great plays from the Capitoline team who only managed to hurt the Spaniards at the last moment with Ivan Provedel’s goal, which saved the debut in Champions League.

Lazio injury (LaPresse) – 19092023

There is more than one negative news for Lazio: in addition to the difficulties of this start of the season, there is also an injury that seems very serious.

Injury for Lazio: the latest

The Lazio draw in the Champions League weighs heavily on Lazio’s start to the season. Now the Biancocelesti can smile again after the defeat against Juventus: the certainties of Maurizio Sarri’s Biancocelesti are back. The Capitoline team staged a positive match from a gaming point of view but the actual scoring actions only came towards the end of the match.

Lazio equalized at the last minute and could smile again after a very complex period. Now it’s time for the coach to go back to working on the defects to eliminate them in Serie A too.

Lazio have lost a key player in Maurizio Sarriwith a bad injury that occurred in the first half.

Injury for Pellegrini: the conditions

Lazio have lost Luca Pellegrini to injury. The left-footed winger started tonight’s Champions League match but had to stop due to an injury that at first glance seems very serious.

The Lazio full-back He immediately asked for a change after a game clash that caused him severe pain in his knee right knee. The medical staff he immediately entered the field, applying some ice to numb the pain and to give Pellegrini the opportunity to return immediately to the green lawn.

After a few seconds, however, he asked for the change and his face transmitted very strongly ache and resignation. Pellegrini’s knee he has already suffered various traumas in the past and now there is a risk of another serious injury.

Pellegrini injury (LaPresse) – 19092023

Cruciate rupture for Pellegrini?

The grimaces of pain by Luca Pellegrini It doesn’t leave Lazio fans hopeful. The left-handed winger tried to force it after the doctors’ intervention but preferred not to risk it due to the pain.

Luca Pellegrini injury
Luca Pellegrini injury (LaPresse) – 19092023

On social networks many fans are wondering if Pellegrini broke his cruciate, given the dynamics of the injury, but only Lazio’s instrumental tests will reveal the real extent of the injury.

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