Lazio – Atletico Madrid REPORT CARDS: Provedel plays Immobile and writes a fairy tale

Lazio – Atletico Madrid REPORT CARDS: Provedel plays Immobile and writes a fairy tale
Lazio – Atletico Madrid REPORT CARDS: Provedel plays Immobile and writes a fairy tale
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LAZIO ATLETICO MADRID REPORT CARD – La Lazio returns to the Champions League with a draw. But what happens at the Olimpico will be remembered for years to come. Down 0-1 againstAtletico Madrid, the Biancoceleste team brings everyone up for the final forcing, including Provedel. And it is the number 94 who scores the equalizer with time expired. Below are the report cards of the Biancoceleste number one and all his teammates, signed by our correspondent at the Olimpico Daniele Izzo.

Lazio – Atletico Madrid, the Biancocelesti’s report cards

TEST 10 – Enter history from the front door, they will study it in school books. Ivan the terrible, the troublemaker, that doorkeeper: the bards will sing of him as a hero, like Geralt of Rivia and Aegon the Conqueror. For seventy minutes he plays trumps and tresettes with the stewards, then he takes off his yellow livery, puts on the light blue one and scores a goal that will be remembered for generations and generations.

MARUSIC 6.5 – He’s a soldier, he’s where you put him. He starts on the right, moves to the left, but the performance doesn’t change. This explains why Sarri never gives up on him.

PATRIC 6 – Griezmann teases him with a tunnel and he, in prompt response, raises the pace of the connecting rods and pistons. The result is a precise and punctual performance, which limits Morata to the maximum.

ROMAGNOLI 6.5 – More than a footballer, at the start of the season he seems like Bob the Fix-It. He puts a patch here, a filter there and allows Lazio to stay in the game until the end.

LU. PILGRIMS 5.5 – Make and undo in just thirty-seven minutes. He is certainly among the most dangerous, but Atletico’s goal comes from his area of ​​expertise.

(From 38′ LAZZARI 5.5 – More than a Frecciarossa, it looks like an Intercity. Late both in accompanying the action and in providing coverage)

KAMADA 6 – Unluckier than Donald Duck. He deflects an unrealistic shot from Barrios into his own goal, and it’s not a detail. However, he is among the most proactive. The first opportunity is his, now a habit. And in the chances that Lazio have to rebalance the match, he always has a hand.

(From 61′ GUENDOUZI 5.5 – The game-breaker seen in Naples is a distant memory. He gets lost in the trap of Madrid’s midfield and fails to give that extra something to the team)

VECINO 6 – He regains ownership and goes within centimeters of the scorers’ scoresheet. It would have been a fair reward for that goal that denied Lazio the Champions League. But tonight the football gods had other plans in mind.

(From 75′ CATALDI sv – Foul, too. The shot with which he warms Oblak’s gloves after the time has expired is unfortunate)

LUIS ALBERTO 7 – Runs, shoots, presses and passes more than anyone. He must have touched a thousand balls, perhaps ten thousand, and his teammates, including Provedel, once again trusted him more than the bank. Whatever anyone says, he is the top leader of this Lazio.

FELIPE ANDERSON 6 – The debut in the Champions League with the Lazio shirt will not end up in the scrapbook. He brings home a stretched pass, which nowadays is synonymous with debt in September.

(From 61′ ISAKSEN 5 – He’s always missing a cent to make the euro. He dribbles, leads, sprints, but once he gets to the front he can’t turn on the light)

PROPERTY 5 – The engine runs, but the windshield is dirty. So dirty that it eats up a goal as big as the Monza racetrack. The litmus test of a difficult start to the season.

ZACCAGNI 6.5 – He gives Molina a headache with veils, stop and gos and dribbling. It’s a shame that it’s still not enough to end up on the scoreboard. But over time, by continuing to play like this, the joys will come soon.

(From 75′ PEDRO sv – He wants to show off, but he doesn’t have the chance)

ALL. SARRI 6 – The goal problem is solved by Provedel. Yes, you read that right: the doorman. At the end of a largely dominated match, it was the number one who wanted to give him a smile. The first point was scored in the homestead, and given how the match had gone, it wasn’t a given. However, he will have to review some things. Including offensive production.

From our correspondent at the Olympic stadium Daniele Izzo

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