Accident A13, motorist arrested for murder: Ilir Dervishi killed with a screwdriver

Accident A13, motorist arrested for murder: Ilir Dervishi killed with a screwdriver
Accident A13, motorist arrested for murder: Ilir Dervishi killed with a screwdriver

OfMarco Merlini and Antonella Gasparini

In Bologna, investigations were carried out into the collision that led to the death of the 47-year-old who lived in Eraclea: the victim had wounds on his abdomen. The hypothesis of a dispute with Miri Gurra, 36 years old, arrested for murder

It wasn’t an accident, but a murder. They are convinced of it pm Michela Guidi and the agents of Bologna flying squad who on Sunday 17 September took over from their colleagues from the Stradale di Altedo in the case of the 47-year-old Albanian who lived in the Venetian area and who died along the A13.
Ilir Dervishi he died on board the Renault Capture in which he was traveling with his compatriot Miri Gurra, 36 years old, also domiciled in Veneto, when the car went off the road on the A13 shortly after 9 in the morning towards Bologna. Gurra, who was behind the wheel, will appear before the investigating judge Andrea Salvatore Romito assisted by the defender Simone Bilotta, to validate the arrest. In fact, the man was arrested with the murder charge: it turned out that the injuries that the victim had on his body were not caused by the crash but by some slashes. The Altedo traffic police officers became suspicious and so did the coroner confirmed that the 47-year-old had been hit several times in the abdomen before the accident. Blows probably inflicted with a screwdriver.

The accident and the injuries that made the Stradale suspicious

There Renault Capture in which the two Albanians were traveling ended up against the car in front of her, turning over and ending up in the vegetation on the side of the road. The 34-year-old was pulled out unharmed. But Dervishi, however, was already dead. And, notice the woundsthe traffic police alerted the prosecutor on duty Michela Guidi. In A13 the Flying Squad then intervened to reconstruct what happened inside the car before the crash. The hypothesis is that it could be between the two men, both with previous records behind them a fight broke out, the reasons for which have not yet emerged. And, taken by anger, Gurra may have grabbed the screwdriver found in the cockpit to hit the passenger but in the excitement he would have lost control of the car, ending up with crash the car ahead of them and then go off the road.

The murder weapon would be a screwdriver

Indeed, a screwdriver was found in the car and will now be analysed. The order for the autopsy will be given. The suspect is a resident of Castelfiorentino but temporarily domiciled in Veneto, while Dervishi lived ad Heraclea for some time, province of Venice, and from Veneto both arrived on Sunday morning, headed no one knows yet where.

The victim Ilir Dervishi and the arrested Miri Gurra

«Very friendly, with a ready joke and a desire to integrate. When I learned of his death and the murder investigation I was in disbelief » says La mayor of Eraclea, Nadia Zanchin, that Dervishi met him almost every day, having his studio a few steps from the new house that the Albanian had begun to renovate between 2019 and 2020. «He had changed the characteristics of that house, making it become a villa – recalls Zanchin – Lo I passed him while he was taking his two children to school, he spoke fluent Italian.” After all, the man was in the Veneto eastern from over ten years. Some problems at the beginning – some precedents including an arrest for drug dealing – but now he worked as a painter in construction and was appreciated. «He always had a ready joke, the desire to joke and the goal of settling down for the love of his family». In addition to accompanying his children to school, a 9 year old boy and a 17 year old girl, Dervishi followed the youngest in sports, as he plays in the village chicks team. The president of‘Asd football City of Eraclea, Renato Rizzetto explains that «he is a boy who behaves very well, since we learned of his father’s passing we try to keep him here all day».

Past criminal records but a present of “normality”

Since the crime became known, many have returned to their memories of the legal troubles they had Dervishes, even though no traces of narcotics were found in the car involved in the accident. «Despite the precedents she had never been talked about – concludes the mayor of Eraclea – Ilir was one very normal person, a talker, always with a smile. I don’t know how he could have found himself in that situation and it’s shocking what happened to him. Also because, taking advantage of the now cordial relationship with me, he could have made requests of me, made demands and instead he always made do. Indeed, it was he who he made himself available. He said: “Is the sidewalk being fixed or will I arrange it myself?”. He liked feeling part of the community.”

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