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PD provincial congress, Bernardoni: «Here’s how I will revolutionize the party»

PD provincial congress, Bernardoni: «Here’s how I will revolutionize the party»
PD provincial congress, Bernardoni: «Here’s how I will revolutionize the party»
In the photo Alice Bernardoni

VARESE – Alice Bernardoni was deputy in “compromise” secretariat led by Giovanni Corbo. Now she is a candidate (and does not spare criticism – even of herself – on the management that ends up) to take over the reins of the provincial PD with a very precise idea of ​​how to set up the party both at an organizational and political level.

Woman and mother, however, light years away from the “Giorgia model”Bernardoni is one champion of equal opportunities. She boasts good political experience within the party (she was city secretary in Tradate and deputy provincial secretary) and in administration (she was a councilor and councilor also in Tradate). In two words: native PD. Bernardoni, in fact, took his first membership card in 2008, the year the Democratic Party was founded. He who says he wants to change at the provincial level. Let’s see how.

How does Alice Bernardoni define her candidacy for the provincial secretariat?
«A reasoned and considered candidacy. The group of people with whom I spoke, and who support my candidacy, believe that to lead the PD in the province of Varese, experience and innovation would be needed and I believe I can be the synthesis of these peculiarities.”

In the PD there are those who define his choice as a “conservation” candidacy due to his mandate as deputy secretary of Giovanni Corbo. More than innovation, continuity. EchoYes?
«Everyone knows that the Corbo secretariat was a secretariat of compromise and I do not deny the role of deputy that I held. What is coming to an end was a secretariat that took into account all the components. On the one hand I consider it a plus, on the other it made us lose our clarity and took away the strength to say or do certain things.”

I’m not asking for a vote, but for an opinion on the Corbo secretariat. Which?
«I would say that until Covid we worked very well, we recovered the relationship with the administrators. In the last two years we have lost incisiveness. Perhaps due to general tiredness, or perhaps because in front of the many electoral appointments we did not give a political direction, but were taken up by the organizational aspects. And then there was a lack of communication both internally and with our Clubs, and externally; in addition to the fact that we have not worked to develop new generations of the ruling class.”

Not lace and figs, one might say. And to add: she was Corbo’s deputy and in line with the secretary. Doesn’t “emptying” her bag now seem a little too easy?
«It is correct that the deputy is in line with his secretary. Indeed, it is right that it should be so. However, I told Corbo the things that weren’t right and I discussed them with him. And even if you couldn’t “see me”, I was there. This secretariat has increased the membership. However, I am not for friendly fire, but rather for confrontation and compactness.”

Bernardoni, you speak of “the last two years of difficulty”, but in the Democratic Party there are those who invite you to “not use the secretariat as a political springboard”. What does he answer?
«Which I have already given at the last regional ones (smiles). Never say never, but my candidacy for the provincial secretariat has only one purpose: to work for the party.”

Which party would you like to build?
«I would like a party that no longer serves as an electoral committee and that starts working only because it has a candidate. I want a PD that knows how to implement political training, planning and territorial proposals. Stop chasing the others.”

Did you support Elly Schlein, regret your choice?
«I’m not sorry because that was what was needed at that moment. Now, however, I would like more incisiveness, attention and determination on some issues.”

What themes? The individual rights that made Schlein’s “fortune” or the social rights that the Democratic Party sometimes seems to forget about?
«It is true that there is a lack of clarity on this dualism. A great party must keep everyone together. Individual rights are inseparable from social rights. In our conference program we talk about rights, equal opportunities in all fields and for all people.”

These, but also those. Are you by chance nostalgic for Veltroni?
«To have some of Walter Veltroni here today too».

But concretely?
«I want to remind you that the Democratic Party was created to hold together two cultures that are not identical, not different but complementary. This is why it is important that both components are present and that there is respect between people. After that it is also true that the majority wins and if it wins my line will be clear.”

Are you saying winner takes all?
«I know the value of minorities because I have been in a minority all my life. But if one wins he must dictate the line. Having said that, I would add that even in the document of the other candidate for the secretariat there are themes that can be recovered”.

What is the first thing you would do when you win?
«Uncork and toast to success. Jokes aside, I say: reorganize the territory in a different way because this way we can no longer stand. And then start working for the provincial elections.”

And immediately after there are the European Championships. In short, aren’t you afraid of the “electoral whirlwind” effect that you said you wanted to exorcise just above?
«No, in fact it will be right there that we will talk about our themes. On the Province and in Europe. A Europe, let’s be clear, which must be welcoming, supportive and with a PD firmly anchored to the PSE.”

Let’s go back to Varese and the October congress. How misleading is it to attribute the challenge of the two candidates to a distant comparison between the big names Alfieri – Astuti?
«I spoke with Alfieri, but I spoke more in depth with Astuti who is involved. But I want to be clear, Samuele (Astuti ed.) is a value and when he serves he gives me a hand. But I don’t feel like her candidate, so much so that we don’t think the same way about all political issues. We would miss her.”

Let’s get to the “support” list. Who is it made up of?
«Men and women equally. It was tiring, but I think I have put together a team that represents all the clubs in the province because I want to immediately give the idea of ​​a collective party where even the smallest clubs feel represented.”

Schlein won at the national level, at the citizen of Varese, barring unforeseen circumstances, Manuela Lozza will be the only candidate and in Gallarate it could be Anna Zambon’s turn, at the provincial level she is there. A chain of women at the helm of the party would be unprecedented. Do you think it could also be a problem?
«One piece is missing: we will also have a female secretary at the Lombardy PD, given that Roggiani is the only candidate. Yes, I don’t deny that it could be a problem for many even within the PD. But be careful, I attended the Polytechnic where almost all were male. I know that certain dynamics can be surprising.”

This is unbelievable given that the PD is one of the organizations that has always fought for gender equality, don’t you think?
«Perhaps for those who are not used to it. The women who are part of the match are all women who have worked together and have a strong sense of solidarity. And this also applies to the men who are working alongside me.”

PD Bernardoni congress – MALPENSA24

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