Christian De Sica and Boldi, why don’t they make films together anymore? The reason

Christian De Sica and Boldi, why don’t they make films together anymore? The reason
Christian De Sica and Boldi, why don’t they make films together anymore? The reason

We haven’t seen films with in the cinema for a long time Christian De Sica And Massimo Boldi. Every year there was the inevitable summer or Christmas feature film that saw them together. What came after reunion? Here’s the truth.

Christian De Sica and Boldi friends like before? Maybe not really

Comedy couples have never been lacking in the world of Italian entertainment and have been able to ensure laughter and entertainment. There is one couple, however, who most of all generated laughter with one complicity which over the years has proven to be magnetic. We are talking about the one made up of Christian De Sica and Massimo Boldi. The two, together, were part of the history of Italian cinema for over 30 years.

Over time, their feeling it has become indissoluble. Seeing one of their films every year was one custom. The greatest success, in cinema, comes with The firefightersdated 1985. But it is with Yuppiesof the 1986that the couple consolidates and receives absolute popularity, becoming a hallmark of the famous ‘Cinepanettoni‘.

Thanks to the well-known manufacturer, Aurelio De Laurentiis, the two have staged many films, year after year. Also with Carlo Vanzina they had a long association. As also happens in the friendship and working relationships of ordinary mortals, even that between De Sica and Boldi, at a certain point, became broken. Sometimes, a misunderstanding or one word too many is enough to break a years-long friendship. Exactly this happened between the two actors: for an important period of time they no longer produced anything Together.

The real reason for the breakup

The success of the two’s films is also partly due to the choice of location. Each time, we aimed for something different, special. There were, among others, Christmas on the Nile, Christmas in India And Christmas Miami: the latter arrived in 2005marking the end of their collaboration.

The two never fully revealed the reasons that pushed them to leave. Some rumors they saw involved, in the dispute between the two, Silviasister of Carlo Verdone And wife by De Sica. But nothing has ever been denied or confirmed. The artistic couple dismissed the separation as one pause for reflection agreed to search new stimuli after decades of films together.

Finally, however, in 2018 there was long awaited reunion from the fans. The new product could only be called Friends like before: a very nice comedy that, as always, meanders through funny misunderstandings. Is in the 2020 the cinepanettone has arrived, closing a years-long cycle, On holiday on Mars. The response from the public has not been what it used to be, but many hope to see them together again for future projects, given that they are well three years that the duo it doesn’t give joy to their admirers.

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