Young people fleeing from Ennese, how to avoid the death of the territory?

Young people fleeing from Ennese, how to avoid the death of the territory?
Young people fleeing from Ennese, how to avoid the death of the territory?

The conference on the theme: “Education against the depopulation of internal areas to give new opportunities to young people” will take place on Wednesday 20 September at 10 am at the Cine-Teatro Andrea Camilleri.
organized by Cgil-Sicilia Cgil Enna and Flc Cgil Sicilia, Antonio Malaguarnera, provincial secretary,
will introduce the conference. The report on the theme of the conference will be given by Adriano Rizza, Flc regional secretary

The interventions

Speeches are expected from the regional secretary of the CGIL, Alfio Mannino, and from the mayor Alfio
Giachino, the regional deputy Fabio Venezia and representatives of various associations. The conclusions
will include Christian Ferrari from the national secretariat of the CGIL.

There is a connection between this conference and the territorial development strategy that the 14 municipalities of the internal Troina area are developing to present it to the Managing Authority (Regional Planning Department) for approval by September 30th. The Troina internal area strategy is inspired by the national strategy for internal areas, which is the first national policy to deal with the repopulation of internal areas since 2012, focusing on the one hand on economic development by focusing on local production chains and on the other hand on strengthening services to citizens (education, health and mobility).

The area strategy

The area strategy, which is not a summation of fragmented projects, must contain a guiding idea and a medium and long-term vision to direct economic development policies and the strengthening of citizenship services. As a result of depopulation, the public school system in the internal Troina area, whose population dropped from 94,850 inhabitants in 2001 to 81,195 in 2022, has undergone reorganization processes with serious repercussions on its functioning.

The story of the Sperlinga school

We have reached the point of closing the nursery school in Sperlinga, which fortunately has reopened at least for this year. For the CGIL it is necessary to follow what it calls “the main path of the Constitution to guarantee the right to study, mobility and healthcare… and the right to work so that for young people going for their own future is only a free choice and not an obligation” . And this can be attempted “starting from Sicily, from a development project that gives opportunities on the island to the new generations”.

Silvano Privitera

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