Xbox leak, for Phil Spencer Nintendo is the main resource to conquer

In the last hours Xbox has been at the center of a sensational leak of documents relating to the legal battle of Microsoft with FTC containing future projects on games and consoles, the company’s plans until 2030 and a series of internal emails that put Nintendo at the center of the discussion as the main resource from conquer second Phil Spencer.

The email chain, sent in 2020 Between SpencerThe chief marketing officer Chris Capossela and the commercial chief marketing officer Takeshi Numotodiscusses the possibility of acquiring Nintendo at some point in the future, with Numoto which notes and underlines the rich series of franchise of the Japanese company.

The plans of Microsoft they would also be more than clear from what emerges from the words of the head of the division Xbox who says he absolutely agrees that the Japanese company is the main objective for those working in the gaming sector and that the games themselves are the path to follow and develop to support consumer relevance.

Xbox makes long-term plans to get Nintendo on its side

The admiration of Microsoft for the Japanese company it is not a secret. In fact, an acquisition attempt had already been made in 1999 which, obviously, was not successful. Recently the two companies have signed an agreement to bring call of Duty on Switches as part of the acquisition plans of Activision Blizzard.

From what emerges from the emails released, it doesn’t seem like that Spencer actually want to buy the company controlled by Shuntaro Furukawa but more than anything to create a closer collaboration that can satisfy both parties. Spencer in fact he claims that Nintendo is crucial for the video game industry and says that if any US company has a chance with them, Xbox is among the best candidates. He also underlines that the Japanese company’s financial resources are very high, which would make an acquisition difficult.

The email from Phil Spencer he concludes by saying “At some point, conquer Nintendo It would be a career high point and I think, honestly, a good move for both companies. Just that Nintendo It’s taking a long time to understand that its future is tied to its hardware. A lot of time”. These words therefore also underline the difficulties that Microsoft would encounter, at least in the current generation, if it wanted to bring more substantial titles also on Switches and his heirs.

The leak also confirmed that Microsoft has contacted Saw in 2020 for a potential acquisition. The Japanese company was the most interesting target in a list of 46 rated companies including Bandai Namco, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Valve and a series of studios for mobile titles.

The huge leak against Microsoft then revealed that the company plans to launch an updated version of Series X/S along with a new controller with haptic feedback and several features long-awaited by enthusiasts, including a rechargeable and replaceable battery.

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