the increases stop. Here are the prices

the increases stop. Here are the prices
the increases stop. Here are the prices

Refined products declined and as a result, there was a blocking increases in fuel prices. The green one, as we had seen in the previous days, had exceeded 2 euros per litre, causing great concern.

While waiting to understand what the Government’s decisions will be regarding petrol bonuses and excise duties, let’s see what the costs at the pump are. As always average prices charged are communicated by the managers to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and processed by Relay race.


There gas in self-service mode it is a 2.004 euros/litre (+1 thousandth, companies 2,010, white pumps 1,989), to the served instead a 2.136 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 2,180, white pumps 2,048). The diesel self service stands at 1,939 euros/litre (+1, companies 1,947, white pumps 1,922), while served is a 2.072 euros/litre (+1, companies 2,117, white pumps 1,981).

Let’s move on to LPG served that is a 0.712 euros/litre (unchanged, companies 0.721, white pumps 0.701), while the methane served is to 1,396 euros/kg (unchanged, companies 1,402, white pumps 1,391), and the LNG to 1,265 euros/kg (unchanged, companies 1,265 euro/kg, white pumps 1,265 euro/kg).

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