Crazy prices for food: high petrol prices are to blame

Crazy prices for food: high petrol prices are to blame
Crazy prices for food: high petrol prices are to blame

An uncontrollable situation, which is bringing millions of Italian families to their knees. We know very well, unfortunately, that Petrol and diesel prices in our country continue to rise dramaticallyand there doesn’t seem to be any room for improvement, on the contrary.

These continuous increases are also reflected in other sectors, first and foremost the food sector. As we have known, in fact, for some time now Going shopping at the supermarket has become a drain. Italians are exhausted, the cost of living is skyrocketing.

The price of petrol is directly linked to that of food, which continues to rise today – as we have seen in the last few hours, in fact we have exceeded the threshold of 2 euros per litre, which should not have happened at least for the whole of 2023, according to the promises of Salvini and the Government – even shopping is becoming almost impossible for many.

Goods that become more and more expensive

The recent increases in fuel prices have caused a relentless increase in the costs of fruit and vegetables which, according to an ad hoc investigation by Assoutients, over the past month have increased by 20.1% and 9.4% year-on-year, respectively. The association denounces the absolute need for a solution and forms of help at a national level, as what the State promises today is no longer enough.

Pump prices cause food spending to skyrocket

Which ones are they the main factors which are causing consumers’ spending on food to increase dramatically? There are several, among the most important we can mention agricultural policies, the supply and demand situation, and weather conditions.

But among the determined factors there is also the cost of petrolwhich significantly influences the prices of some products that all of us consumers are used to buying every day.

The reasons? It is very simple to explain them: first of all we must take into account the transport costs of the goodsas we well know, the majority of food products travel by road in our country, moved by suppliers to the various sales points throughout the country using trucks and vans or in any case fuel-powered vehicles.

It is therefore clear that, if the price of petrol increases, transport costs also become much higher: this obviously weighs on final consumers, who find themselves forced to suffer higher prices on basic food items.

But that’s not all yet, the expensive petrol also affects another important aspect: modern agriculture increasingly uses vehicles and machinery that run on fuel. Having said that, even in this case the increase in pump prices affects the operational expenses of farmers.

And who pays the consequences? Always us, the end consumers. In fact, in many cases, farmers are forced to increase the prices of their products in order to obtain a profit margin, covering the higher production costs.

The actual price increases

According to the analysis of Assoutientsbased on the most recent Istat data referring to inflation, they are not increased only the prices of the generic fruit and vegetables category skyrocketed, but in particular of:

  • sugar: up 43.3%;
  • oil: by 37.1%;
  • potatoes and tomatoes: over 25%;
  • rice, carrots, onions, fennel: over 23%;
  • apricots and plums: over 22%;
  • cabbages: price increases of 20.5%;
  • oranges: increases of 18.4%;
  • ice cream and preserved milk: cost 15% more.

The forecasts on price increases have become reality: the trend in petrol and diesel prices in Italy has a negative impact on Italians’ spending, emptying their wallets.

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