Who is Ubaldo Manuali, the garbage collector arrested for sexual assault in Rome. He dreamed of cinema and thought he was Keanu Reevs

Who is Ubaldo Manuali, the garbage collector arrested for sexual assault in Rome. He dreamed of cinema and thought he was Keanu Reevs
Who is Ubaldo Manuali, the garbage collector arrested for sexual assault in Rome. He dreamed of cinema and thought he was Keanu Reevs

Rome, 19 September 2023 – Wild beard, clearly visible muscles and the desire to show the world his resemblance to Keanu Reeves. It is the image that appears on the social profiles of Ubaldo ManualsThe Roman garbage collector arrested on charges of sexual violence and for having spread the photos of the raped women among friends. A life of appearances, falsely glossy.

Manuali chased the limelight. Give her appear at the cinema to karaoke and disco evenings, perhaps where he managed to hook up potential victims. And again: the hoaxes about immigrants the positions no vaccines and indignation at the news of other people’s abuse. And very few traces of women, among all a very young girl who, following the thread of the posts published on Instagram, could be Manuali’s daughter. This is who the serial rapist arrested yesterday in the Casilino neighborhood of Rome is.

It was there complaint from one of the victims of sexual violence that made the 59-year-old fall into the trap of the police. The woman said she had been hooked on social media by Ubaldo Manuali and then inviting him to his home for a romantic dinner. And that’s when the garbage man would have it drugged with a drugraped and filmed with her cell phone during the abuse with her unconscious. Images which, according to what was reconstructed by the police, the rapist shared and commented on with one close circle of friends.

Three episodes of violence were reconstructed by the police and committed by the Roman garbage collector over a period of four months. One to Capranicain the Viterbo area, and two in the hinterland of Rome: a Riano And Mazzano Romano. A package of medicine was found in his home hypnotic sedative.

But on social media the garbage collector relaunched news of attacks, such as that of a rape suffered by a girl on a train. And below the comment of a friend: “Immediate chemical castration”. That’s right.

In life he works as a garbage collector, but on social media he seems like an actor. This is the image that the Roman rapist had built for himself on social media, post after post. Wild look, love of horses with ambiguous phrases – “What a handsome stallion” – and above all poses that are never natural, but always driven by the same obsession: to look like someone who matters. From the American actor Keanu Reeves, especially in the John Wick version, to the singer Fabrizio Moro.

He dreamed of being on stage. At all costs. So much that pose as a double of the singer Fabrizio Moro at parties and events. And, it would seem, the evenings too organized by police unionsthe same ones who put handcuffs on his wrists on Monday.

Ubaldo Manuals on the set of a film

There is no shortage of him on the garbage collector’s social profiles you will appear on film sets. From costume scenes, dressed as an ancient Romanand a very small part in ‘All in Ostia Beach‘, the film with Alvaro Vitali released in cinemas in 2013.

The rapist’s profiles are full of reels that film him while he trains shirtless in the gymperformances at karaoke and forum at the Olympic stadium with the Roma shirt. Among his idols is Vasco Rossi – in a post the singer’s face with the phrase ‘You don’t have to be perfect for everyone. It’s enough to be special for someone’ – and the unattainable ‘reckless life’ of those who wanted to ‘go to the max’.

The only trait of humanity in Manuali’s profile is a photo kneeling in front of a nativity scene together with a child (maybe his son?). And finally, the icing on the cake: i post against the anti-Covid vaccineas per the manual.

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