Striscia la Notizia in Calabria from the man who showed the dead Czechoslovakian Wolfdog “in the name of Satan”

Striscia la Notizia in Calabria from the man who showed the dead Czechoslovakian Wolfdog “in the name of Satan”
Striscia la Notizia in Calabria from the man who showed the dead Czechoslovakian Wolfdog “in the name of Satan”

Luca Abete, correspondent of Striscia la Notizia, visited Massimo Cannizzaro, the man who last August 26th published the video on his Facebook profile in which he showed the body of Hollywood, his Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, lying lifeless on two chairs, with his tongue swollen and his head hanging down.

Among the screams, Cannizzaro focused first on the animal and then on himself as he addressed Satan: “I gave you the life of my dog ​​in exchange, now respect the pact written in the sacred scriptures.”

In the days following the publication of the news on Kodami, the images were removed from Facebook, like many contents created by the man who defines himself as a dog mediator, but also “secret service agent and psychology student”.

More than 20 days after the event, the outcome of the autopsy conducted on the animal’s body is awaited, thanks to which the true causes of Hollywood’s death will be known.

This dramatic story – which in addition to concerning the tragic death of a dog has to do with the mental health of a human being – in the meantime is continuing on Tik Tok, where Cannizzaro has not been blocked and where in fact he is still very active. He himself informs users of his arrival at his home Luca Abetewho is filmed while conversing with Pietro Violi, Mayor of Sant’Eufemia d’Aspromonte, the Calabrian municipality where Cannizzaro resides. «We chatted at length with the person concerned and clarified some points. I think we came to do our job impeccably”, explains the correspondent in the video. «In the village they say that the dog was not killed, but he choked – replies the Mayor – I don’t want to support it vox populi, but not even those who come to foment this affair. Until we have the results of the autopsy we cannot know anything more.”

Cannizzaro then intervenes and, in conversation with Violi, explains that he himself contacted the editorial staff of Striscia la Notizia. «There are people prepared to calm him down, I don’t think we need Luca Abete – the Mayor replies to the correspondent – ​​You don’t have to come from Milan, Rome or Turin to say the work we have to do towards him».

In a video published later, Cannizzaro thanks Abete for letting him speak, except later change your opinion once again. A few hours later, in fact, a further clip of the meeting with the correspondent appears on Tik Tok: «I wouldn’t want you to do like everyone else, who they accused me without giving me the opportunity to tell the truth”, he claims. «We gave you the opportunity to tell your truth» Abete replies before walking away.

Less than 24 hours pass and Cannizzaro returns to publish another video in which, addressing the correspondent in front of him, he states: «Striscia la Notizia is a corrupt television. They came to me and interviewed me. I gave him all the explanations and also told him that I am available for any clarification. When they walked away I felt extreme confidence. As I was going home, however, I was contacted and told that Abete was interviewing other people and speaking badly of me.”

We will have to wait for the Striscia la Notizia report to be broadcast to see how the correspondent describes the situation in which he found himself. What we must not forget, however, is that we are talking about a person who, in videos on social media she often appears confused, says she is in difficulty and even threatens her family with death.

Precisely for this reason, a group of volunteers intervened asking the man to give up the other dogs that live with him. To clarify what happened to the animals, Kodami spoke to ThomasMarine, who collaborated in the recovery of some of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, who are now awaiting adoption.

Tess, who is two years old, has been moved to Sicily. Selvaggia and Sofia, two puppies of about nine months old, were brought to Tuscany, inside a structure called Camp Ranch.

Among the dogs living with Cannizzaro there were also two other Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, who at the time of the Hollywood video had already been transferred to a kennel in Reggio Calabria.

Finally, Cannizzaro himself speaks about the other dogs (which, according to what Marino reports, are three Pitbull mixes and a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog) in a voice message that is circulating on Whatsapp these days. «Four dogs are still here with me and are doing very well, the others have been transferred to places that offer them optimal conditions. Some will be adopted, others are undergoing training.”

While the days pass and we still await the outcome of the autopsy, Cannizzaro starts yet another live broadcast on Tik Tok, in which he once again talks about the occult, activities linked to the secret services, about a hypothetical “new world order”, informing users subscribed to his channel having contacted Anonymous asking for clarification on this matter of which, in his opinion, he was a victim.

Cover image from Massimo Cannizzaro’s Tik Tok profile

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