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“I looked after my daughter Diana like a mother does”

“I looked after my daughter Diana like a mother does”
“I looked after my daughter Diana like a mother does”

Interrogation today for Alessia Pifferi, the woman accused of voluntary homicide multi-aggravated for having allowed her to die of starvation in her crib daughter Diana, just 18 months old. In one of the passages, the 37-year-old explained that she looked after the little girl “like a mother looks after a child: I fed her, I changed her, if she was ill I contacted the hospital, I raised her, I gave her food and drink to survive.”

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In his testimony recounts the birth of the little girl, in the bathroom of the home of the then partner she met on a dating site. “Diana was born suddenly on January 29, 2021, I didn’t know I was pregnant, she was born premature. She was in an incubator for a month and a half at the Bergamo hospital, it wasn’t easy being a single mother, but I had no problem accepting her” she says in a monotonous tone.

“I also told my mother that I was pregnant and that I didn’t know who the father was, even today I don’t know who he is” says the 37-year-old who reconstructs the first months spent with her daughter and the up and down from the province of Bergamo – where she lives the ex-partner for whom “the little girl was a hindrance, he said he loved her but it wasn’t true” – to the house in via Carlo Parea in Milan where Diana died on 20 July 2022.

Right about the episode that led to the baby’s death, Alessia explains that she thought that “the milk in the bottle that I had left for her was enough”. But that wasn’t the first abandonment. On other occasions, always on weekends, he left his daughter alone to spend time with your partner. “I left her alone very few times, I don’t remember how many. I was worried about leaving her alone so I left her two bottles of milk, two bottles of water” she says. “I was afraid of many things, even if she could drink the water, but I left her alone because I thought milk was enough” he claims.

“When I returned on July 20, 2022 I found my daughter in the bed, I immediately went to my daughter, I don’t remember if the door was open or closed. I caressed her, but she didn’t move: I understood that there was something wrong, she wasn’t standing like the other times”, she then adds, remembering that the little girl “wasn’t the cold little girl”.

I tried to resuscitate her, I picked her up and gave her CPRin the bathroom I tried to wet her little hands, feet and head to see if she would recover” adds the woman, without getting emotional when remembering those moments, in the courtroom of the Palace of Justice in Milan.

The 37-year-old recounts running to a neighbor to ask for help and the lie “I told her that I had left Diana with a babysitter because I was in shock. I trembled, I sweated, I started to cry, she called 118”, then asked her partner – with whom she had spent the days in which the little girl was left alone – to join her but “he didn’t come. I was crying, I was shaking, I was in shock, I understood that there was nothing more that could be done when I saw the doctors” she concludes.

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