How to recognize excellent quality raw ham and understand if it is sold at the right price

How to recognize excellent quality raw ham and understand if it is sold at the right price
How to recognize excellent quality raw ham and understand if it is sold at the right price

Very often, shopping at the supermarket is a dilemma. The vast choice of products and even discounted prices doesn’t help. In fact, it is better to choose a product with the right value for money, rather than buying a poor one. Especially when we talk about Italian excellences, such as cured meats.

Raw ham is the protagonist of our tables in every season of the year. Paired with melon in summer, or with figs in autumn, this exquisite sausage becomes sublime when rolled around a warm breadstick. Or simply, paired with a slice of good bread. But which bread? If in central Italy a tastier raw ham is produced, to be combined with Tuscan bread (the one without salt, or “simple”, so to speak), in the north the ham is sweet and goes wonderfully with the classic rosette.

Beyond personal tastes, many wonder how to recognize excellent quality raw ham. And, consequently, understand if they are spending their money well. A first parameter useful for determining the quality of a raw ham is the months of maturation, which should be at least 20, even better if 25 or 30. It must have significant dimensions, because this means that that piece has had more chances of being brought at high levels of maturation.

How to recognize excellent quality raw ham

When cut, the raw ham should appear fat, in a balanced way, because this element guarantees the right level of sweetness and aroma. Furthermore, the fat in raw ham is considered not harmful to the body as it is unsaturated and has important organoleptic properties for the final product. The streaks of fat should also creep into the lean part in a certain way, which should have a pinkish colour. The external fat, on the other hand, must oxidize and appear yellowish in color.

How it is produced

Raw ham is made from the leg of an Italian pig and sea salt. These should be the only ingredients of a natural, quality ham. During maturation, the ham will gradually release splendid aromas in rooms that are aired daily.

How much money does the one with excellent value for money cost

In fact, like all foods that require scrupulous processing, raw ham is certainly not a food to be considered cheap. Its average price, in fact, is around 25 euros per kg. Without considering excellent exceptions, such as the well-known Osvaldo raw ham, produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Also loved by Queen Elizabeth, this precious sausage can be tasted for the modest sum of 115 euros per kg.

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