new leap forward for spot milk

new leap forward for spot milk
new leap forward for spot milk

The reference data for dairy and bovine products collected by the Chambers of Commerce and processed by the Italian telematic commodity exchange (Bmti) relating to the week 11-15 September 2023

The prices of livestock products recorded by the Commissions of the Chambers of Commerce and Goods bags, in the second week of September, showed an upward trend for spot milk, milk cream and slaughter calves. Pecorino Romano is at a loss, compared to the substantial stability of the other monitored products.

Spot milk

In the second week of September The price increases for national spot milk prices continue. In Milan prices reach €522.50/t€7.50/t more on a weekly basis. Positive dynamics also in the Verona market, with prices rising to €540/t against €530/t the previous week. The trend comparison remains negative, close to twenty percentage points.

Import milk prices are also gaining ground, both for the French and German products listed in Milan (both +4.8%)which therefore remain at lower levels than the national product, although the differential has attenuated (€30/t versus €45/t the previous week).

Meanwhile, the stability phase of organic milk continues, still stable at €597.50/ta Milan.

Fatty materials

Quotations still unchanged for the fats sector. Pasteurized butter from Milan is confirmed at €2.65/kg, halving compared to last year’s values. Absence of price movements also on the markets of Cremona and Mantua.

On the foreign front, again timid increases for Kempten centrifuged butter which reaches €4.5/kg. An increase that also materializes for the Dutch Verse Boter (+2.3%).

Returning to the national price lists, the churned remains stuck at €2.45/kg. Only exception, the national milk cream That continues to rise and reaches i €2.40/kg in Milancompared to €2.34/kg last week.

Grana Padano

Grana Padano wholesale price lists are holding steadywhich therefore prolong the equilibrium phase that has been underway for several weeks. In Milan the 9-month matured cheese continues to stand at €8.73/kg. Property price lists also for the squares of Mantua, Cremona and Verona. On a trend basis, average prices effectively confirm last year’s values.

Foreign markets were also stationary with limited fluctuations for English Cheddar cheese and Dutch Edamer and Gouda.

Parmesan Cheese

The Parmigiano Reggiano market remained unchanged again. In Parma the 12 month aged remains at €9.98/kg and the 24 month aged at €11.75/kg. A trend that was also observed in the squares of Modena, Mantua, Milan and Reggio Emilia. On a trend basis, the decline remains at -7%.

Pecorino Romano

Second consecutive week of reductions for Pecorino Romano. In particular, the 5-month matured cheese listed in Milan loses another 15 cents, falling to €13.10/kg.

The trend trend is still attenuating, standing at +5% compared to +10% just two weeks ago.

Live cattle

After more than a month of stability, the “plus” sign prevails for the slaughter cattle sector. Among the main leaders, the Charolaise veal on the square in Mantua they earn two cents and are brought to €3.65/kg, returning to the price of June 19th. Increases of similar magnitude for the square of Modena That records €3.47/kg. Increases also for the Limousine breed, quoted €3.74/kg in the Lombard market and €3.61/kg in the Emilian market. They stay prices at national crossings, however, are stationary.

Regarding the white meat calvesa timid increase for Modena while no news emerges for the Lombardy area.

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