The Hollywood star poses, the photos and the sedative. Who is the garbage collector who raped three women

The Hollywood star poses, the photos and the sedative. Who is the garbage collector who raped three women
The Hollywood star poses, the photos and the sedative. Who is the garbage collector who raped three women

None of the three women raped by Ubaldo Manualsthe 53 year old garbage collector arrested in Casilina yesterday morning on charges of sexual violence And illicit distribution of pornographic material, remember what happened. One of them, the first to report, realized she had been abused only after going to the emergency room of the San Paolo hospital in Rome. “I don’t know, I feel kind of groggy. I’ve had a bad headache since yesterday and I can’t coordinate“, she had explained to the doctors. The outcome of the health checks then revealed the mystery: she had been sedated with benzodiazepines. Like her, the other two victims had also been stunned with Lormetazepam, a drug similar to Xanax, and forced to intimate relationships with the 53-year-old. Not only that. The suspect, who is now confined in the Regina Coeli prison, immortalized the young women during non-consensual sexual performances, subsequently sharing some videos and photos in group chats.

Who is the man accused of the rapes

Fifty-three years old, ecological operator, “clean” face, apparently harmless. On social media Ubaldo Manuali boasted a vague (perhaps more presumed than real) resemblance to Keanu Reeves, the charming Canadian actor, the unforgettable protagonist of the film The Matrix. He was proud of it. To the point of filling his profiles with Facebook profiles – at least two – with reel (quick videos ed.) and photos with Hollywood star poses: messy hair and jackets blowing in the wind. In one video he even improvises as an actor, wearing (it seems) a stage costume: “Action…“, reads the caption.

The stories of the victims

Behind that feignedly harmless expression was hidden, as emerged from the investigations, a dangerous storyteller, capable of deceiving and deceiving anyone. One rape took place in the 53-year-old’s home, the other two in those of the victims, all at least ten years younger than him. The modus operandi was always the same: he lured women on social media, then invited them to dinner and finally abused them. “We met on Facebook and after a while we decided to go out“, one of the girls told investigators. “We slept together and, when I woke up, he was still there, without his attitude having changed“, added another. And when they asked for explanations about the evening, he reassured them that the intimate relations had been consensual: “But how, don’t you remember?“.

Photos of the victims spread in chats

Corriere della Sera specifies that there are “overwhelming evidence” against Manuali. Two in particular: a bottle of Lormetazepam, found during a house search, and the photos of the victims, treated like dummies, saved in the memory of the smartphone used by the 53-year-old. Images and videos that she then shared in chat with friends (none of these are under investigation). “Look at that sc…..!“, he wrote in support of the horrors exhibited with shuddering nochalance. Not to mention the contemptuous and vulgar comments towards the young people. After the complaint, the Red Code was immediately triggered for them. The unsuspected garbage collector has instead been in prison since Monday morning According to the investigating judge of the Tivoli court, who signed the precautionary custody order, there is a risk that the evidence will be contaminated and the crime will be repeated.

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