sonic electric toothbrush at SHOCK PRICE (-46%)

Today I decided to tell you about this very interesting promotion that allows you to have a sonic electric toothbrush for very little. So go to Amazon now and put it in your cart Oclean X10 for only 50.99 eurosinstead of 95.09 euros.

Enjoy this 46% discount what does it do to you save the beauty of 44 euros on the total. With this toothbrush your teeth will be truly thoroughly cleaned. It features 5 brushing modes and reports the result to you via the emoji in a interactive display. Furthermore it is completely waterproof and therefore if you want you can brush your teeth even in the shower.

Oclean X10: the smart toothbrush at a hot price

Thanks to a magnetic levitation motor is able to arrive up to 80,000 movements per minute for deep and effective cleaning. It makes very little noise and removes tooth decay without damaging the gums. It features a pressure sensor which warns you, visually and by emitting a small vibration, if you are exerting too much force.


You will be able to choose between 5 cleaning modes: daily, massaging, sensitive, whitening and polishing. The handle has a practical and useful display which reminds you to brush all areas and then returns feedback with emojis based on the result. And then it is waterproof with grade certification IPX7.


So hurry because the promotion will expire any moment now. So before it’s late go to Amazon and buy yours Oclean X10 for only 50.99 euros, instead of 95.09 euros. If you complete your order now you will receive it at your home tomorrow at no additional cost, thanks to Prime services. If you are not yet a subscriber, do so now by clicking here.

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