San Gennaro miracle succeeded: the blood melted today 19 September

The blood of San Gennaro has melted. The miracle of the liquefaction of the Patron Saint of Naples and Campania occurred at 3:00 pm 10.02 today 19 September 2023.

the miracle of san gennaro

The traditional ceremony takes place three times a year: in May, today 19 September, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of San Gennaro which occurred in 305 in Pozzuoli, and the December 16th on the occasion of the Feast of the Patronage of San Gennaro, which commemorates the day in 1631 when the eruption of Vesuvius stopped after the saint’s invocation. The ampoule is therefore exposed three times a year with the Blood of the Saint if it melts the city of Naples is blessed, if it does not melt during the day the event is repeated a maximum of two more times. If even in the last attempt the blood does not melt, it is seen as a harbinger of misfortune and disaster for the city and beyond.

the miracle of san gennaro on tv

The event always brings together thousands of faithful, which is why the miracle of San Gennaro on Tuesday 19 September you can follow it live on TV Channel 21 of digital terrestrial visible in the Campania area, also reachable in Lazio on channel 19. It is also possible to follow the live streaming on the Canale 21 website on PC, smartphone and tablet. The Canale 21 live broadcast is enriched with exclusive images, testimonials and comments. The publisher Paolo Torino underlines how it is an event “that expresses the best of Naples’ values, beauty, passion, trust and community”.

the ceremonies

The events linked to the celebrations of the Miracle of San Gennaro began yesterday, Monday 18 September with the solemn rites in honor of the saint and the vigil rite with the celebration of the first vespers. Today, Tuesday 19 September, the Duomo opened at 7.30am, at 9 there was the celebration of the Passion of San Gennaro. At 9.45am Archbishop Domenico Battaglia, with the abbot Monsignor Vincenzo de Gregorio and the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, opened the safe with the vials. At 10am there was a solemn celebration with ostentation and the miraculous event of the liquefaction of the blood. If the blood had not melted, the display would have been repeated around 12pm and 4.30pm for the last attempt. Since the miracle happened immediately, we proceed with Mass at 12.30pm, then the veneration of the relic and finally at 6.30pm with another mass.

The last time that the miracle did not happen it was on the occasion of the celebrations of 16 December 2020, in the midst of the pandemic with the celebrants wearing masks on their faces. On that occasion, Cardinal Sepe underlined that the important thing was to have gathered in prayer as a true community.

the story of the saint

Gennaro was born in Benevento on 21 April 272, at least according to the most accredited convention even if some sources claim he was born in Naples, but he was certainly bishop of Benevento. During the persecutions of Christians carried out by Diocletian, the bishop refused to recant and was sentenced to death. He was beheaded on September 19, 305, according to some legends he was condemned to be killed by some ferocious beasts but was beheaded because the animals bowed before him. According to some beliefs, the stone where his blood fell, which is preserved in Pozzuoli, would turn red on the day his martyrdom is remembered.

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