Who is Rosy Chin: The Chef and Contestant of Big Brother 2023

Who is Rosy Chin: The Chef and Contestant of Big Brother 2023
Who is Rosy Chin: The Chef and Contestant of Big Brother 2023

Who is Rosy Chin?

Rosy Chin is an eclectic and talented figure who has made her way into the hearts of Italians, both for her culinary skills and for her participation in Big Brother 2023. Let’s find out more about this chef, entrepreneur and influencer with Chinese roots who is making people talk of himself.


Rosy Chin was born in 1985 in China, but raised in Italy by Chinese parents. She is the daughter of an artist, as her father is Chung Kuang, a famous entrepreneur who, together with his wife, contributed to making Chinese cuisine popular in Milan. She has a younger brother and from a young age she has shown a passion for cooking.

After studying at hotel school, he focused his attention on both Western and Eastern cuisine. This synergy of culinary influences helped create the fusion style that made it famous throughout Italy.

Work and Career

Rosy Chin’s career began at a young age when she opened her first restaurant, Yokohama, located a few steps from the Milan Cathedral. Her restaurant has quickly become a renowned culinary destination, known for fusion cuisine that blends Italian and Chinese flavors and traditions.

In addition to her success as a chef and entrepreneur, Rosy has also become an influential figure in the online world as a “creator” for GialloZafferano, gaining popularity on the web thanks to her culinary skills and unique style.

Big Brother 2023

Since September 2023, Rosy Chin has joined the cast of Big Brother 2023, where she shares the house with other contestants, including Samira Lui, Grecia Colmenare, Alex Schwazer and many others. Her participation in the program has captured the attention of the public, and viewers have the opportunity to get to know her better both as a person and as a contestant.

Private life

Rosy Chin is married to chef Paolo La Quosta, with whom she works closely in his restaurant. The couple met when they were only 14 years old and attended the same hotel school with the common dream of making it in the restaurant world. They have three children, the first of whom arrived when Rosy was just 20 years old. Their love story is an example of dedication and passion for both food and family.

Instagram and Popularity

Rosy Chin’s official Instagram profile, @thequeenrosychin, has over 340,000 followers. Through this channel, Rosy shares a series of videos and slides that show details and backstories related to her culinary career, recipes, her restaurant and moments from her private life, including travel and moments with her pets.


Here are some curiosities about Rosy Chin:

  • He has a decisive and determined character, which has contributed to his success in cooking and in life.
  • Among its most famous dishes stand out the salmon and crab futomaki, an explosion of fusion flavours.
  • She is an animal lover and has several pets, including two Chihuahuas named Pixie and Jasmine, a Pomeranian named Yuki, and a Peruvian guinea pig named Carmelino.

With her passion for cooking, her unique story and participation in Big Brother 2023, Rosy Chin is a fascinating figure to follow. She continues to follow her to discover the latest news about her adventure in the Big Brother house and her culinary creations that continue to enchant the palates of Italians.

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