The Promise, episode today, 19 September 2023

The Promise, episode today, 19 September 2023
The Promise, episode today, 19 September 2023

Also today, Tuesday 19 September 2023, at 4.20pm a new episode of La Promessa is broadcast on Canale 5, the new Spanish soap opera that aims to keep the flagship network’s afternoon audience company Mediaset. Original title of the series, which debuted on La 1 in January 2023, is “The Promise”.

The story is that of Jana Exposito (Ana Garces), a young woman who infiltrates the La Promesa estate, owned by the Marquises of Lujan, as a waitress. Her goal is to find out who killed her mother, fifteen years earlier, and what happened to her younger brother.

In doing so, however, Jana encounters love, the one for Manuel (Arturo Sancho), one of the sons of the marquises and who, after the death of his half-brother Tomas (Jordi Coll), is destined to become the main heir of the family. Jana, therefore, must decide whether to follow her goal of discovering the truth or give in to her feelings.


The Promise, previews 19 September 2023

Father Camilo (Chico Garcia), the fake priest, has been discovered and, before they can question him, he pulls out a gun and binds and gags Funes (Rafa de Vera) e Alonso (Manuel Regueiro), in the hope of being able to escape. Catalina (Carmen Asecas) frees the two men, who manage to capture Camilo, then give him into custody by the Civil Guard and send him to the barracks. Lorenzo decides to bring his son to visit Eugenia (Alicia Moruno) in the sanatorium but upon their return Curro (Xavi Lock) is visibly shaken.

The Promise on Mediaset Infinity

In addition to being broadcast on TV, it is possible to watch The Promise in streaming on Mediaset Infinity and on the app for smart TVs, tablets or smartphones. At this link the official page of the soap opera.

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