Death of James King in Life on the Edge: What Did Nowzaradan Really Do to Save Him?

Death of James King in Life on the Edge: What Did Nowzaradan Really Do to Save Him?
Death of James King in Life on the Edge: What Did Nowzaradan Really Do to Save Him?

What happened to Lives on the Edge contestant James King to lead to his death? Here’s what Dr. Norwzaradan did to avoid it.

During the fifth season of “Life on the Edge” filmed in 2017, there was a contestant named James King, who turned out to be one of the most obese participants ever to appear on the series. After the TV show, James began dating series health difficulties which unfortunately they led to his death. But let’s analyze carefully what happened and above all, how he behaved Dr. Nowzaradan faced with this tragic situation.

Lives on the edge, what Doctor Now did to save the patient -(Photo: Instagram @younannowzaradan)

James King, at the start of the show he weighed around 359 kg and was forced to stay in bed. The man turned to Dr. Nowzaradan, hoping to regain control of his eating habits, but during the program he had a lot of problems following them diets prescribed by the doctor. In fact, shortly after, the competitor was expelled from the series because she couldn’t follow the rules of the weight loss program.

Meanwhile, King continued to face the serious problems in his life only with the help of his family. King he depended on his wife Lisa and his children, one of the daughters even dropped out of school to take care of her father who was in serious conditions. Unfortunately, however, despite the help first from Dr. Nowzaradan and then from his family, James didn’t make it. His tragic condition led to his death. But let’s look at the situation in more detail.

Lives on the edge, the death of James King: here’s what Dr. Nowzaradan did to save him

During the episodes of Lives on the Edge, in addition to the failure to lose weight, James also had great difficulty identifying the source of his weight gain. Meanwhile, Dr. Nowzaradan tried to do everything to improve his condition, prescribing healthy and gradual diets that the patient was unable to follow.

What happened on the show Lives on the Edge with James King? Here is the reason for his death – Source: screen youtube @realtimeitalia –

It even got to the point where the doctor had to call the protection services for adults for James’ wife, because he was convinced that Lisa was hiding food from him in the hospital. James’ time on the program ended because weight loss was impossible. The April 3, 2020James King is deceased at the age of 49at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

A source revealed to the newspapers that James went in septic shock and he had akidney failurebut also stated that the man he had lost more than 150 kg since he left the program. But apparently his health problems had already gone beyond his weight, and unfortunately no one was able to save him.

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