Viterbo News 24 – Bike accident: well-known trader dies after 8 days of agony

Viterbo News 24 – Bike accident: well-known trader dies after 8 days of agony
Viterbo News 24 – Bike accident: well-known trader dies after 8 days of agony

Bike accident: well-known trader dies after 8 days of agony

The Rome prosecutor’s office has opened a case for manslaughter. The funeral will be held tomorrow in Capranica

CAPRANICA – He has a bicycle accident and dies after 8 days of agony. The Rome prosecutor’s office has opened a case on the death of Antonio Buratti, the 70-year-old from Capranica who was involved in a fall with his bike on Sunday 3 September near Tre croci in Vetralla.

The man was well known and well-liked by everyone also for his esteemed commercial activity: he managed the family supermarket of the same name for the Carrefour chain.

On Sunday 3 September Buratti was going out on his bicycle together with three other people, including his brother, and was in the open countryside near Tre Croci, a hamlet of Vetralla when he had the misfortune of coming across a protruding branch which got stuck in the crown of the gearbox, causing it to fall disastrously to the ground.

It was immediately clear that the fall was serious because the seventy-year-old, despite initially remaining conscious, was no longer able to move his legs. The emergency services and the 118 health workers were immediately alerted, after having stabilized him, intubated him (he was breathing with difficulty) and placed him on a stretcher, they loaded him into the air ambulance taken off specifically, transporting him to the Belcolle hospital: the companions who were with him later, they were also interviewed by the Carabinieri of Capranica on the dynamics of the accident.

Buratti’s hospitalization, however, soon turned into a Via Crucis. The doctors, after the usual tests, CT scan and MRI, found the patient had a serious injury to a vertebra, which compressed his diaphragm, preventing him from breathing independently, and pulmonary edema, hospitalizing him in Intensive Care, still intubated and sedated. The next day Buratti was taken to carry out a more in-depth MRI on his entire spine but, according to what was reported to his family, who immediately rushed to his bedside, the respirator was brought too close to the examination machine and broke.

Not being able to monitor his breathing, the MRI was suspended, and since it was not possible to fix the fault, it was decided to request transfer to another hospital: at 7.30 pm on Monday 4 September the well-known trader was then airlifted to Gemelli in Rome, and always hospitalized in intensive care.

Initially his condition was stable and, indeed, the doctors informed the family that on Wednesday Buratti would undergo surgery to apply two plates to the injured vertebra. But this operation was also suspended at the last minute because the patient’s fever had risen the previous night: he was diagnosed with pneumonia and, above all, a serious infection with the presence of as many as four bacteria, resulting in the start of massive antibiotic therapy . But the aggressive drugs that were administered to him – several were tried – had heavy repercussions on various organs such as the kidneys and lungs, which soon began to suffer, until the tragic epilogue: at 9.30pm on Monday 11 September Antonio Buratti was expired.

It was the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office itself, informed by the Carabinieri of the accident and then of the death of the seventy-year-old, who opened a file: the Deputy Prosecutor also ordered an autopsy on the body to clarify the exact causes of death, an examination which was carried out on Friday 15 September by the medical examiner, Fabio De Giorgio, the technical consultant appointed ad hoc by the investigating magistrate.

The victim’s relatives – his wife and three children, his brother and sisters – have relied on Studio3A-Valore SpA, a company specialized at national level in the compensation for damages and in the protection of citizens’ rights, and to the lawyer Alessandro Giuseppe Maruccio of the Civitavecchia Bar.

In the early afternoon of today the judicial authority finally issued the authorization for the burial and the family were thus able to set the date of Antonio Buratti’s funeral, which will take place tomorrow at 4pm in the church of San Giovanni di Capranica.

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