3-year-old girl falls from the 5th floor in Turin, a 37-year-old saves her on the sidewalk. Him: «I closed my eyes and I hoped»

3-year-old girl falls from the 5th floor in Turin, a 37-year-old saves her on the sidewalk. Him: «I closed my eyes and I hoped»
3-year-old girl falls from the 5th floor in Turin, a 37-year-old saves her on the sidewalk. Him: «I closed my eyes and I hoped»

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To cushion the flight Mattia Aguzzi, a 37-year-old employee who had seen her hanging out warned by a tenant. The little girl, who will be 4 in a month, has only minor injuries. “It was instinct, I thank those who raised the alarm”

The little girl of just under 4 years old who fell from the fifth floor of a building in Miracle is alive via Nizza 389on the outskirts of Turin this morning, Saturday 26 August.

The little girl was transported, conscious, to the Regina Margherita children’s hospital. It would have been a boy who was looking out from the balcony of a building opposite to draw attention to the little girl in danger. When he saw the little girl looking dangerously, he started screaming. Mattia Aguzzia 37-year-old employee who was passing down the street with his girlfriend witnessed the scene and, when the little girl fell seconds later, he caught her and cushioned the impact as a small crowd followed the drama from the sidewalk and from neighboring houses.

The girl, who was at home with her parents, remained hanging from the balcony before falling. She was hospitalised but it’s not life threatening. The “hero” underwent X-rays to the CTO for a suspected trauma to the chest and arms. Then he met a group of journalists.

Mattia speaks, the hero of the day

«I left the house this morning with my girlfriend – he reconstructs employee who saved the little girl -. I don’t believe in fate, but I would never have passed by if he hadn’t called my cousin to ask me to bring him bread. At one point we heard the boy who had seen the girl on the ledge screaming. I told her to stay still, to go back inside her. But she didn’t hear me. At that point I stayed there under her until I saw her fall and I got in the way ».
A matter of seconds, the little girl began to slip and then fell.
“I hoped that everything would go well. I didn’t catch her, I practically cushioned her blow with her chest and we both fell to the ground.’

At first the little girl didn’t say a word: «They were endless seconds, then she started crying and I calmed down. The impact was strong, I couldn’t breathe and I had to sit on the ground, but then I recovered». In those interminable seconds Mattia was unable to think of anything: «I closed my eyes. The last scene I remember of her is her trying to hold herself with her arms to keep from falling. Luckily the carabinieri told me that he is fine. Now I hope to meet you.”

“Mattia used to go to the gym, he’s a sportsman,” he added Glory Small, the girlfriend – When we saw the little girl I started ringing all the bells, but when I turned around she had already fallen. Mattia took her, I don’t know how she did it, and fell on her knees. He was very good, but if that boy hadn’t been there we would never have noticed.”

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