Who is Chanel Totti’s new boyfriend? He’s more famous than his father – here’s his story

He’s famous and in love and beautiful. He is Chanel Totti’s new boyfriend who is now present in every photo: he is more famous than his father!

Who is Chanel Totti’s new boyfriend? – Adriatico24ore.it

Well yes, Chanel Totti she is no longer a child and is now slowly conquering social networks and her followers. Always at the center of gossip, the daughter of Francesco and Ilary is also engaged. The lucky one is said to be really famous and much more than his father. Who is?

Chanel Totti in love

Chanel Totti is no longer there tender blonde girl of father Francesco and mother Ilary Blasi. The second daughter of the Totti house has grown up and is gradually conquering the people of social networks. Gossip is always interested in her life and certainly, with two parents of this caliber, she does not go unnoticed.

Today Chanel is in love and hers boyfriend is very famous, perhaps more than the father. Leaving aside for a moment the story of her parents now separated, she is causing discussion of her five-star love for her.

There young Totti she is at the beach with her famous boyfriend, Cristian Babalus. The images were shared by both and highlight the romantic getaway. Chanel in a post of hers wanted to dedicate sweet words to her boyfriend, letting everyone know how much she is in love with her.

From the stories of Chanel it can be understood that the two were in Otranto with the family. The boy’s presence with them certainly didn’t go unnoticed and the fans are very happy for her. But who is this handsome famous young man?

Who is Christian Babalus?

Christian Babalus, Chanel Totti’s boyfriend was born in Rome where he grew up. His main occupation is to manage a clothing store in Rome, with the management of sportswear from famous and luxury brands. The shop is called “Babalus & Babalusino” and promotes its business through social media. In fact, the boy manages two profiles dedicated to the shop and beyond. Indeed, the boyfriend of Chanel he is also a TikToker with tons of followers following him every day.

Chanel boyfriend
Chanel boyfriend

According to various rumors, the relationship with the daughter of Francesco Totti would have emerged because of the young man’s ex. In fact, she herself would have accused him of having been betrayed. He would have been with Chanel for some time, even since he was engaged. Unsubstantiated allegations. What is evident is how i two boys are in love and happy. Will her parents be too? For now it seems so.

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