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BMW R 1300 GS, technical data and price (in the USA)

BMW R 1300 GS, technical data and price (in the USA)
BMW R 1300 GS, technical data and price (in the USA)

The leaks of the highly anticipated BMW R 1300 GS continue, pending the official presentation announced for September 28 in Berlin. It will take place precisely 100 years after the presentation of the very first BMW, the R 32. This time we are talking about one of the most important data: the price. The motorbike surprisingly appeared in BMW Motorrad USA’s online financing calculator, where a price starting from 19,590 dollars (17,892 euros) is declared. The discovery is from the German newspaper which also makes assumptions about what the marketing share in Europe could be.

From the US price to the European one

At the moment the BMW R 1250 GS costs 17,995 dollars (16,435 euros) in the United States, so the 1300 would cost about 1,600 dollars (1,460 euros) more. Assuming a similar increase, considering that the current price for us is 20,350 euros, the price list should reach around 21,800 euros. To which naturally must be added all the accessories and special equipment that can significantly increase the figure.

What will the new GS be like?

The bike will be completely new: the 1300 cm³ boxer engine is new liquid cooling and semi-dry sump lubricationfor which a power exceeding 145 HP and a torque of almost 150 Nm are announced. The data were published by the Swiss Authority for Road Approvals which indicated a maximum power of 145.5 HP at 7750 rpm and a maximum torque of 149 Nm at 6500 rpm. The maximum speed is slightly increased compared to that of the 1250, passing from 219 km/h to 225 km/h. Also from Switzerland are the tire sizes which have not changed: 120/70-19” front and 170/60-17” rear. The wheelbase is 1518 mm, just 4 mm longer than that of the R 1250 GS. The frame and swingarm are also new.

There will be several other technical innovations, in particular an adaptive cruise control that can even intervene on the brakes, and the device that signals the presence of vehicles in the blind spot of the rear view mirrors. It also talks about a new generation of suspension called SAF Next which would take the place of the Dynamics ESA, with additional switchable springs that allow you to vary the stiffness of the spring itself, also modifying the height of the saddle.

Two more versions on the way?

Last but not least, on the BMW website motorcycle owners can register for customer service by selecting their model from a menu, and a couple more unannounced new items appear on the list: the R 1400 GS should replace the Adventure variant that does not appear in the menu, while the M 1300 GS it could be a version more directed towards off-roading.

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