Fiat Topolino 2023: price, output and range of the microcar

Together with the B-Suv 600e, Fiat also presented the baby mousea car that also takes its name from a legendary model of the past, the small car produced from 1936 to 1955, but declining it on a very contemporary proposal: a 100% electric microcar for drivers aged 14 and over. Even if looking at the pictures, it looks a lot like the 500 of ’57 rather than the Topolino. In the next few lines we will find out how it is made Fiat Topolino 2023The pricethe release date, the autonomy and much more.


As mentioned, the new Fiat car takes its name from a historic model which was the first attempt, not perfectly successful, to to ‘motorise’ Italy. It was Mussolini himself who asked the owner of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli, to create aeconomy car that was within the reach of as many families as possible. The vehicle, designed by Dante Giacosa inspired by the Balilla, the successful sedan of the Turin brand, it came out in 1936 with the official name of Fiat 500but for everyone it immediately became the ‘baby mouse‘ due to its small size. Sales were good but lower than expected: it was in fact not possible to keep the price below 5,000 lire, as the Duce would have liked, and the Topolino was left on the market at a cost of 8,900 lire, too much for Italian families (the figure corresponded to about twenty times the average salary of a skilled worker). Initially modest in terms of technique and performance, the Topolino improved significantly with the series following the first, released respectively in 1948 and 1949. The small car went out of production in 1955, leaving the field first to the 600 and then to the 500, which succeeded where Topolino had partially failed: to give a car to all Italians.


There Fiat Topolino 2023 is a new electric car, classified in the category of light quadricycles (microcar), suitable for everyone but especially designed for families and even for the youngest, who can drive it from 14 years with the simple AM ​​license. Ideal solution for city mobility and for short distances, guarantees zero emissions and low noise impact, in full respect of the sustainability of urban centres. The extremely small size (253 cm in length, the Smart ForTwo measures 270) have little impact on traffic and allow you to park the Topolino even in the narrowest spaces. But be careful: small size but anything but uncomfortable habitability thanks to the two misaligned seats, the large glazed surface which considerably increases the perception of the space as a whole and, above all, the surprisingly large luggage compartments, for a total of 63 liters of internal load space.


On the new Fiat quadricycle, the range is limited for the moment to a single mechanical variant, with 8 HP electric motor combined with 5.5 kWh battery: equipped in this way, the Topolino is capable of reaching 45 km/h (self-limited) and guaranteeing around 75km rangewith the possibility of recharging from the domestic socket in less than 4 hours.


The new Fiat Topolino will be available in a closed version and an open version, called Dolcevita. There closed version it can be customized with wood-effect stickers on the doors. In the open version, however, it will be possible to add striped stickers on the roof like a summer awning. And that’s not all: in fact, one can be added to both original shower designed for days spent at the beach. The two versions will also be equipped with a rear luggage rack, the ‘Dolcevita Box’, a functional fabric band in which to store personal items, and vintage rear-view mirrors with a chrome effect. To differentiate the two models we will instead have i nautical style cords and the door sill with Dolcevita logo in the open version and the sun blind on the roof in the closed version.

Fiat Topolino 2023 price


Fiat has not yet released the complete Topolino price list, but we already know that the car will have a price of 9,890 euros, which can be reduced with the motorbike and scooter incentives which also concern the quadricycle categories. The microcar can already be ordered with the ‘Be the first’ pre-booking initiative, dedicated to those who want to be among the first to have the new Topolino. The first deliveries are expected by the end of 2023presumably a November.

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