Victoria De Angelis (Maneskin) has a new girlfriend, that’s who she is

Victoria De Angelis (Maneskin) has a new girlfriend, that’s who she is
Victoria De Angelis (Maneskin) has a new girlfriend, that’s who she is

Love is in the air for Victoria De Angelis: the Maneskin bassist was caught in Formentera, in intimate attitudes, with her new flame. Here’s who it is about her and what we know about her.

Filed on Louds Kids Tour 2023 for a few months, the boys of the Maneskins they are enjoying some well-deserved relaxation. Among them Victoria DeAngeliswhich unlike Damian David has always been the most reserved and so far has never ended up in the sights of the paparazzi, who chose to spend their holidays in Spaina much loved destination both for the climate and for the sea and the warmth of its inhabitants.

Everyone is with her, except Damianwho decided to stay at Rome. However, the (almost) complete reunion of the gods did not make the news Maneskin in Formenterabut one misterious girlwhich in the photos and videos posted on Instagram yes exchange very passionate kisses with Victoria De Angelis. And, shortly after, it emerged that it is moonhis new girlfriend.

Who is Luna, the new girlfriend of Victoria De Angelis of Maneskin?

We couldn’t find anything on the net moon and we don’t know how old she is, nor where she lives and, least of all, how she met Victoria DeAngelisbut from the photos it is clear that the bassist of Maneskin is very taken with her. In fact, the two exchange kisses and tenderness on the boat and, on several occasions, they took numerous selfies while they toured together with the others around the Balearics.

For Victoria DeAngelisas we discovered from an interview with Vanity Fairit would be the first relationship with a girl. Here’s what he told the magazine in the last few hours:

“For society, being heterosexual is the norm and therefore often one automatically pigeonholes oneself in that way, depriving oneself of the freedom to experience many different nuances and facets of love. Once the initial insecurity of having to question one’s certainties has been overcome, I lived my sexuality in a very natural and free way, as it should be possible for everyone.”

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