Pippo Baudo turns 87: the great love with Alida Chelli, his assistant daughter and the quarrel with the president of Rai

Pippo Baudo turns 87: the great love with Alida Chelli, his assistant daughter and the quarrel with the president of Rai
Pippo Baudo turns 87: the great love with Alida Chelli, his assistant daughter and the quarrel with the president of Rai
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Pippo Baudo, Gemini sign, turns 87 on Tuesday 7 June. Pippo is in the hearts of Italians because he represents the history of TV, even if he hasn’t hosted any programs for some years. He has chosen to stay away from his mata TV probably because he is a little tired. And he is not a man of half measures. The last time we saw the National Pippo on the small screen was in October 2021, a guest in the first episode of «Dancing with the stars». On that occasion he said: «TV is my home. In the studio, with the spotlights and the cameras, I feel at home. I was happy to have been here, on TV, on Rai 1. And I will be happy to go back if you call me again… because we must say goodbye, not goodbye, but goodbye».

His first wife, Mirella Adinolfi

Baudo had five partners and two children. From Mirella Adinolfi he had Alessandro, born in 1962 and recognized by the presenter in 1996 after a brief legal affair, while in 1970 from his marriage to Angela Lippi he had Tiziana, today he is his assistant. He is also grandfather of Nicholas and Nicole (2010), twin children of Tiziana, and of Sean (1990), son of Alessandro; Sean in turn in 2010 made him a great-grandfather.

Alida Chelli, the great love of life

After the separation, Pippo Baudo gets engaged to Alida Chelli, a relationship that lasted seven years and which made him very happy. On several occasions, speaking of her, he said: «Alida was an important woman, and she was an exceptional artist, but he didn’t believe much of her in her qualities». Alida Chelli – who was also the wife of Walter Chiari, with whom she had a son, Simone Annichiarico – played Rosetta in Garinei’s Rugantino and Giovannini who she played in 1978 alongside Montesano.

The marriage with Katia Ricciarelli

On January 18, 1986 Baudo married the opera singer Katia Ricciarelli, from whom he separated in 2004 and then divorced in 2007. They were for years, the new Al Bano and Romina. At their wedding – celebrated in the town hall of Militello, in the province of Catania, Pippo’s birthplace – there were thousands of fans crowded to see the famous couple. Which has graced the covers of newspapers for years. Then, like all fairy tales, it ended, leaving Katia with the regret of not having had children and not having aged alongside Pippo as she wanted. Even recently Baudo declared himself happy single

Daughter Tiziana (and grandchildren)

The second daughter, Tiziana, is very discreet. There isn’t much information about her around because she doesn’t have social profiles and she likes her privacy. For many years Baudo’s daughter was involved in the management of public events and public relations for the RTL 102.5 radio and now she has taken charge of the “booking” of guests for many television programs. In 2009, Tiziana married Mirko Mengozzi, radio announcer and official voice of Inter. From their union, the following year, the beloved twins and nephews of the national Pippo were born: Nicholas and Nicole. During one of the few and very rare interviews, Tiziana confided that mother and father are her pillars and she revealed that there is a splendid relationship between Baudo and his ex-wife.

«Fantastico 7» and the dispute with President Manca

Baudo moved to Fininvest in the autumn of 1987, remaining there for a few months, following a heated controversy with the then president of Rai, Enrico Manca, who on 6 January 1987, during the season finale of «Fantastico 7,» he defined the conductor from Catania as “national-popular” and then added “and don’t take it as a compliment”, a comment to which Baudo replied sarcastically by saying that from then on he would make an effort “to make regional and unpopular programs”. Baudo has always had a smoking character and often found himself clashing with various managers in his long career.

Friendship with Costanzo

In 2018 on the occasion of an episode of the talk show “L’Interview” Maurizio Costanzo dedicated the entire episode to the national Goofy. The two were bound by a deep friendship. Baudo has always remembered that it was Costanzo himself who gave him the first important interview, in 1960. The two also clashed severely, when Baudo moved to Mediaset and found Costanzo director of Canale 5. There was no place for two “prime donnas” together. But then affection won out on professional matters.

The (pretend) rivalry with Mike

Pippo Baudo and Mike Bongiorno, for all, the eternal rivals. They competed on everything, being two TV icons. Then not so long ago, Baudo revealed that in reality it was a rivalry if not exactly artfully built, we were close. What is certain is that the two loved each other very well, even if they competed for the Sanremo record. (13 for Baudo, 11 for Mike)

“I invented it”

Pippo’s catchphrase on many characters: “I invented it”. After all, Baudo as well as being a great conductor is an excellent talent scout. He launched the careers of personalities such as Lorella Cuccarini, Heather Parisi, Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Laura Pausini, Fabrizio Moro, Beppe Grillo, and many others. Baudo is an all-round connoisseur of the entertainment world, with very deep musical sensibilities

His passion for the Sanremo Festival

Baudo holds the primacy of conductions, no less than 13: the first in 1968 and the last in 2008. In 1995 one of the most successful editions, flanked by Claudia Koll and Anna Falchi. After all, the brunette and the blonde valley are an invention of him who has held court on TV for decades. Able to find great musical talents and manage the television show with great competence by “inventing” find such as Cavallo Pazzo and many others that remain in the history of the small screen.

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