Who is Giulia Tramontano’s boyfriend…?!

Who is Giulia Tramontano’s boyfriend…?!
Who is Giulia Tramontano’s boyfriend…?!

Who is Giulia’s boyfriend

The girl, seven months pregnant, disappeared from Senago in the province of Milan on Saturday evening. The boyfriend is currently registered in the register of suspects for aggravated voluntary homicide, concealment of a corpse and non-consensual abortion. The day before, Giulia had met her boyfriend’s lover. There hadn’t just been a tumultuous quarrel, but it had been a real clarifying meeting, a three-way face-to-face between Giulia, her partner and his lover. All this took place on Saturday 27 May, a few hours before this beautiful 29-year-old girl disappeared into thin air. Corriere della Sera best tells the details of what happened in the last few hours before Giulia’s cell phone turned off. Which also mentions the name of the boyfriend of the Neapolitan girl, whose age was only known yesterday, 30 years old: his name is Alessandro Impagnatiello and he works as a barman in various exclusive clubs in Milan (including the Armani Café). Yesterday there was already talk of a quarrel between Giulia and her boyfriend, which took place on Saturday. And it was known that, on Saturday evening, the girl had talked about it on the phone with her mother, saying precisely that she had discovered that he was having another affair and she too had said she was “upset” in a Whatsapp message sent to a ‘friend of hers. Today on the pages of the Corriere the quarrel is told better, which in reality would have been, in fact, a three-way meeting. In which Giulia but also the other woman would have taken part, also unaware of the fact that Alessandro already had a partner, moreover pregnant. The gossip of the town of which Giulia is originally from (Giulia is originally from, Sant’Antimo, in the province of Naples) says that the other woman had also become pregnant recently, but had however interrupted the pregnancy. It seems that the parents of Giulia, between Sunday and Monday, arrived in Senago in a rage and faced the 30-year-old with “words and slaps”. may also be due to the precipitation of events in the last few hours, including the face-to-face threesome with his lover.The man already has a six-year-old son from a previous relationship and the neighbors speak of him as a good dad. In the building where the couple lived, it seems that Giulia, a real estate agent, was not well known, as in the village. She, originally from the Neapolitan area, had lived in the Milan area for five years. According to the reconstructions of the investigators, Impagnatiello would have discredited Giulia on several occasions, talking to the lover with whom she was in a parallel relationship.
This is what emerges from the investigations of the carabinieri and the Milan prosecutor’s office. It would have been her lover, an American colleague of Impagnatiello, who asked the 30-year-old to meet Giulia Tramontano that Saturday for a sort of clarifying meeting.
Both women, previously unaware of each other, according to what has been learned, since last April had begun to have suspicions that the 30-year-old was in another relationship. With his American colleague-lover, the 30-year-old allegedly spoke ill of his girlfriend several times, apparently saying that he also had mental problems and not just about her, to discredit her in every way. From the 30-year-old’s complaint, presented on Sunday, a whole series of inconsistencies would also emerge, such as a place with a non-existent address where, according to him, his fiancée would go. For the moment, the boyfriend is under investigation but is not in custody, he has left the house, which he lived with Giulia and has been seized, without making any statements.
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