Agent Claudio Alonzi was from Alatri. “We thought he was escorting a minister. We didn’t know it was on Lake Maggiore”

Among the victims of the nautical accident caused by a sudden whirlwind on Lake Maggiore, there is also Claudius Alonzi62 years old marshal of Alatri (Frosinone), married and father of two children. The non-commissioned officer died together with his colleague Tiziana Barnobi, aged 53, mother of a still minor son, both employees of the “Intelligence Department”. “The news reached my house in the late morning,” she reports cousin Maria, 73 years old, who also lives in the Vicero district, on the border with Fumone. Immediately her closest relatives left for Lake Maggiore.

Who is Claudio Alonzi

«My cousin – says the woman – led a very private life. He left early in the morning to go to Rome, where he worked, and returned very late in the evening. He hardly ever went to the city, to Alatri: he spent his free time here, in his district. He spoke very little about work. In fact, I knew she was there buffer stock to some minister. More she did not say. When the news of the tragedy in the lake arrived, we immediately thought of Lake Bracciano. We didn’t know at all that, instead, it was in the North».

The mayor: “I never understood what job he had”

On Lake Maggiore he and Tiziana Barnobi had just met an agent of the Israeli secret services, who also died in the tragedy. Claudio Alonzi’s funeral will take place in Alatri “but at the moment – the cousin points out – we don’t know when, no one has called us to give us more detailed information”. Even the provincial command of the carabinieri is unaware, even though it must be involved in the return of the body to Ciociaria. Claudio Alonzi, who entered the Arma at a very young age, had left his uniform before retiring to join the secret services. Of his missions and assignments no one (not even the closest family members) was made aware of. «I myself – confirms the Mayor of Alatri Maurizio Cianfrocca I’ve seen him in town a couple of times. He was extremely private. I knew he lived in our suburb, but I didn’t never understood what assignment had”.

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