Matteo Giavarini died in the accident in Correggio: who was the victim

Matteo Giavarini died in the accident in Correggio: who was the victim
Matteo Giavarini died in the accident in Correggio: who was the victim

Correggio (Reggio Emilia), 27 May 2023 – A crash tremendousin via della Pace, an arterial road between Carpi and Reggio, which serves as a ring road for Correggio. A terrible accident where a young man of 28 lost his life, Matthew Giavarinifrom Correggio, a well-known mechanic in the Bassa.

It all happened around 2.30 pm yesterday, while he was riding his motorbike. Suddenly a Volkswagen Caddy car with him on board appeared in front of him a German married couple, aged 64 and 67. It seems they were in the process of turning, due to a U-turn, coming from a lay-by. At that moment the centaur arrived.

Violent collision with the left side of the car. An impact that caused very serious trauma to Matteo.

Help arrived quickly with the Red Cross ambulance, the auto-nursery and the Parma air ambulance. The resuscitation maneuvers continued for a long time. But unfortunately, every effort was useless. Shortly afterwards they surrendered in the face of evidence, covering the body of the centaur with a white sheet, which was later recovered by the operators of the Cabassi agency for transport to the morgue of the San Sebastiano di Correggio hospital. The firefighters intervened to put the vehicles to safety.

The technical reconstruction work of the accident has begun by the local police of the Reggio plain, coordinated by commander Tiziano Toni. They were physically unharmed, albeit in shock, the two German spouses: they had been on vacation in Cattolica and yesterday they had wanted to take a tour of Correggio, where it seems they had already been in the past. They were on their way to Carpi, with the intention of returning home via the highway, when the accident occurred.

A first recognition of the victim was made through a tattoo, which one of the rescuers recognized as Matteo’s. The young man dealt with mechanical overhauls, with a garage in via Modena. The family, with his father Ivan, also runs service station businesses in Correggio and Reggio, as well as a car rental service.

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