It happened today May 27, 1942: Prague the attack on Heydrich

It happened today May 27, 1942: Prague the attack on Heydrich
It happened today May 27, 1942: Prague the attack on Heydrich

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It happened today, May 27, 1942: Prague, the attempt on Heydrich. The particular military mission organized to eliminate the SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich, was renamed “Operation Anthropoid” which in Greek literally means, “human-looking”. In fact, the same operation he wanted to remark on the inhumanity of the Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia, renamed the “executioner of Prague” how cruel and ruthless he was. An attack organized by Czechoslovakian partisans with the support of British intelligence. Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich born in Halle on March 7, 1904, he died in hospital on June 4, 1942 from the serious injuries sustained following the attack.

It happened today, May 27, 1942: Prague, the attempt on Heydrich

On the day of the bombing, Heydrich left his wife at home, who was expecting their fourth child, and drove to the office in the convertible Mercedes-Benz driven by his personal chauffeur Klein. On Holesovickach Street in the Prague Liben area, the road has a right angle, where cars are forced to slow down. After an agreed signal, Corporal Jozef Gabcik tried to shoot the Sten machine gun at Heydrich’s car but the weapon jammed. The Reichprotecktor reacted by firing his pistol but a second man, the corporal Jan Kubis threw a hand grenade under Heydrich’s car causing it to blow up. The “executioner of Prague” and his driver were seriously injured but continued to shoot, putting the attackers to flight, who at that moment thought they had missed the target.

Reinhard Heydrich died in hospital 8 days later

Reinhard Heydrich, as said seriously injured, was operated on and seemed to have recovered. And instead died of septicemia in hospital on June 4, 1942 after suffering a lot and ending up in a coma. Two Nazi doctors, Karl Gebhardt and Sauerbruch, tried to save him without success. Considered one of the most powerful leaders of Nazi Germany and according to many the most dangerous man of the Third Reich, Heydrich had the entire SS apparatus under his control and was a close collaborator of Heinrich Himmler, who put him in charge of the Reich Security Main Office.

Heydrich, the “executioner of Prague” creator of the “final solution”

Reinhard Heydrich is notorious for the decisive role he played in planning and organizing the extermination of the Jews decided at the historic Wannsee conference, a town on the outskirts of Berlin. In that villa the organizational points of the “Jewish final solution” were analysed. In the spring of 1941 Heydrich was appointed governor of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia by Adolf Hitler, where he carried out bloody repressions to crush the anti-German resistance that had developed under his predecessor Konstantin von Neurath.

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