The 24 ORE Group presented the first financial education manifesto today at the Trento Festival of Economics

The 24 ORE Group presented the first financial education manifesto today at the Trento Festival of Economics
The 24 ORE Group presented the first financial education manifesto today at the Trento Festival of Economics

The numbers of the economy are increasingly important, the skills to understand them increasingly essential and, in a very complex macro-economic and geo-political context, the 24 ORE Group believes it is essential, through the manifesto, to disseminate and promote basic skills of financial education at all levels of academic contexts as a bridge and preparation towards the country’s institutions and the world of work. An awareness also at the basis of the 24 ORE Group’s return to the training market with Sole 24 Ore Trainingthe new academy created in partnership with the Multiversity Group, thanks to which a training offer was launched also aimed at recent graduates as well as managers and professionals and businesses.

“We feel the social responsibility of contributing to the training of young people in schools and universities and it is no coincidence that an initiative aimed at education such as the manifesto was presented during a wonderful event such as the Trento Economics Festival at the within which they are protagonists – said Mirja Cartia d’Asero, managing director of the 24 ORE Group – Education is progress and it is the possibility of building a better future and for this reason we are particularly keen on this initiative for which we hope for close collaboration with the institutions and the scholastic and academic world”.

“Financial education is an issue that has been discussed for some years but there is still a lot to do. In a historical moment characterized by double-digit inflation which erodes Italians’ current accounts by a figure of approximately 180 billion a year, we believe there is a need to increase the commitment on the financial education front to help families and Italians of tomorrow to defend their savings” said Fabio Tamburini, Director of Il Sole 24 Ore, Radiocor and Radio 24 and President of the Scientific Committee of the Trento Festival of Economics.

“Knowing how to manage your own money is something that is not yet sufficiently taught today; there is a lack of specific education and it is therefore important to put in place all the necessary tools, starting from the role of the school and the attention towards the children” he underlined Mirko Bisesti, Councilor for education, university and culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento. “The document signed today confirms the Province’s commitment to the subject of financial education, in which we are investing so much; we have already included it in 2020 within one of the pillars of civic and citizenship education. Today there are schools, public and private bodies and the world of cooperative credit in our area that are particularly involved in this area, also through the promotion of meetings with hundreds of classes involving thousands of students. I thank all of them for their common commitment to involving the community in the financial education process.”

They joined the Manifesto: Michael Andreausfull professor of accounting and financial statements, University of Trento, Federico Arcellitemporary professor at the G. Marconi University (Rome) and professor at the Catholic University (Piacenza), Roberto Battistonuniversity professor of experimental physics, University of Trento, Marina BrogiFull Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries at ‘La Sapienza’ University, Marco Butiholder of the Tommaso Padoa Schioppa chair, European University Institute, Robert Cocoprofessor at the Department of Social and Political Sciences, Bocconi University, Robert D’Alimontefull professor of the faculty of political science, Luiss Guido Carli University, Bill DeBlasiovisiting fellow, New York University, Luca Erzegovesiprofessor of corporate finance and coordinator of the financial planning laboratory, University of Trento, Richard B. Freemanholder of the Ascherman Chair of Economics, Harvard University, John Lo Stortogeneral manager, Luiss Guido Carli University, Rita Mascoloprofessor of behavioral economics and consumer choices, European University of Rome, George Prodiassociate professor in applied economics at the University of Ferrara, Ferruccio Stayfull professor of the mechanical department, Politecnico di Milano, e Gianluigi Ballarani, adj. professor digital marketing & crypto strategies, University of Pavia, with Elia Bombardelliprofessor of mathematics and physics, both co-hosts of the Young Finance project of the Sole 24 Ore.

Attached is the poster

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