Anna Pettinelli, because she separated from Stefano Macchi

Anna Pettinelli, because she separated from Stefano Macchi
Anna Pettinelli, because she separated from Stefano Macchi

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Fans of Amici’s coach and radio presenter Anna Pettinelli continue to wonder why she separated from Stefano Macchi. Let’s find out the reasons and if there is already a new love in her life.

Anna Pettinelli, why did she separate from Stefano Macchi and who is her current partner?

Among the many couples who broke out during 2022, there was also the one composed by Anna Pettinelli and Stefano Macchi. The presenter and television punditafter the public declaration of the moment of crisis she was experiencing with her husband, she decided to put an end to the story with the man her junior by 20 years.

The coach of Maria De Filippi’s program, during an interview with Night has come of the now deceased Maurizio Costanzo, gave some polishes on real reasons which prompted her to become single again. Basically, as can happen after so many years together, a love that slowly waned and was no longer able to raise.

Even in Silvia Toffanin’s living room, Pettinelli had hinted that the relationship had come to an end. When asked by the presenter on how the sentimental sphere was going, the speaker He didn’t waste a second commenting:

It’s not good at all”.

On the other hand, even during their participation in a past edition of Temptation Islandthey hinted that relations were not the best. Although they eventually went out together, at the time Stefano had no problems creating “intimate” relationships with the temptresses, triggering strong jealousy in her.

New love?

Unlike Stefano Macchi, ready to become a father with his new partner Elisa D’Ospina, for Anna Pettinelli the wound is still to be healed. Despite this, the woman said she was ready to fall in love again.

Some rivers they already speak of a new love, but for now the man’s face continues to remain mysterious. Who knows if in a little while Amici’s coach won’t give us a nice surprise. For now we just know that all the love he has to give is only for his two beautiful dogs.

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