Pescara Virtus Entella, from the previous one among the coaches to the protagonists of the match

It is all ready. THE playoffs are entering the most delicate phase of the tournament. There are only eight teams left and among them the match between Pescara and Virtus Entella. A match that will be able to give emotions both inside and on the edge of the field. Two coaches will sit on the benches of their respective teams so far away, but so close at the same time. Zdenek Zeman And Gennaro Volpe. The oldest of the category the first, one of the youngest the second. In the field? The show will not fail. The penalties and plays of Ramirez along with goals from Merjkaj against a find Lescano. And why not, also full of ideas for football to come. Delle Nuns, Vergani.e Merola they exalt the “Adriatic“, beans the revelation of the Ligurians.

Pescara – Entella is Zeman against Volpe, the previous one

It’s useless to hide when a game involves you Zdenek Zeman the interest rate for the tender rises disproportionately. His story confirms it. From the steps during the grueling training sessions, passing through the press conferences always ready to reserve a few “effect” sentences until the matches. Bohemian is like that. Concentration, tenacity, charisma and attention to detail. And above all results. The only thing he really matters in the world of Zeman. The 76-year-old coach’s goal is always to win. If done by playing well and scoring many goals even better. His Pescara he has all the credentials to respond “present” to the coach’s request. The victory against Virtus Verona is clear proof of this.

Now, however, he will have the front Virtus Entella. A team that throughout the season is proving to be second to none. Thanks to a group of players who, under the guidance of a young coach with clear ideas and the determination that justifies his 42 years, manages to give all his opponents a hard time. This is Gennaro Volpe. Chiavari is his second home. In Liguria for over ten years and a dream to come true. Bring the Virtus in Serie B. To do so, however, he will have to win the double challenge against the Abruzzo. A commitment that is never simple, but not impossible. The playoffs of the 2021-2022 season tell the story. They collide in the round of 16 Virtus Entella And Foggia.

The stadium is theMunicipality of Chiavari” and the two coaches sit on the team bench. The Rossoneri come from a seventh place in the standings of group C, the biancocelesti from fourth in group B. The history of the teams of Zeman speak for itself. If there’s one element that never fails, it’s goals. Ferrante, Curcio And Merola. These are the arrows in the bow of the Apulian offensive department. On the other Merkay, Lescano And Skinny. The match will see the Ligurian club triumph e Gennaro Volpe. 2-1 the final result and Virtus Entella qualified to the next round. The only precedent is in favor of the coach from Campania, but Zeman is always Zeman. After one cigarette there is always another. Any mistake can be lethal. The counterattacks of the Bohemian teams are unrivaled.

Who will be the protagonists of the match at Pescara?

The one between Pescara and Virtus Entella it will certainly be a game aimed at attacking. Zeman makes the offensive department its greatest asset. Physically strong forwards, who know how to hold position, defend the ball and with an enviable nose for goal. One name above all: Facundo Lescano. Thanks to his coach, the Argentine is regaining his fitness and is playing a high-level final part of the season. To date he has scored 19 goals, but he doesn’t seem willing to stop. And if that of the “goal of the ex” is an unwritten law of football might as well borrow a Latin saying according to which “dura lex sed lex“. Lescano is ready to pass the sentence.

facundo lescano pescara league pro

To fly to the playoff semifinals the Pescara it needs to get wings. There are two names that make Zeman’s case. Marco Delle Monache And David Merola. The second is also present in Foggia which loses the return of the round of 16 against the same Entella. Born in 2005 the first, 2000 the second. Sprint, dribbling, shooting from distance, deep cuts and an ability to see the play for the forward (Lescano?) worthy of those who will have a bright future. Enthusiasm and grit? They are not missing. The jewels of Pescara they are ready to surprise. Once again. There is then Edoardo Vergani that 8 goals scored so far is a candidate for a place.

Fox, freshness or experience? Here is who can bet

As for Fox the substance does not change. Quality, goals and important plays are also guaranteed at home Entella. The name of Gaston Ramirez it’s hardly news anymore. The former Bologna he never misses an opportunity to confirm his indisputable talent. A true driver of the team, he does not hesitate to take the group on his shoulders when he deems it appropriate. And if there’s a stationary ball to kick, there’s no question. The Uruguayan is the chosen one. The assists? They don’t count. Intercom Merkaj. The Albanian is the only one who can confirm the importance of the passes arriving from the rear.

Silvio Merkaj Virtus Entella
Credit Virtus Entella

He, who with a brace in the last match with the Gubbio explodes the joy of the Biancocelesti fans. 13 goals this season. He doesn’t miss the enthusiasm in front of goal. Fox he will also focus on him to pierce the defense of Pescara. But even the Ligurians can count on the freshness and enthusiasm of a young prospective striker. AND’ Alessandro Faggioli. Will he be the revelation of the match?

gaston ramirez
credit Virtus Entella

Alone Fox will be able to give an answer. For the moment the boy is holding on to his 7 goals. Another name of absolute thickness in the staff of theEntella he is the expert Zamparo. When called into question it does not disappoint. Pescara – Virtus Entellato Zeman And Fox the honor of raising the curtain of the show.

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