Things you didn’t know about Briscola: complete guide to this fantastic game

Briscola is undoubtedly one of the most popular Italian card games, along with other classics such as scopa and tressette. Among other things, it has rules that are easy to understand and this is one of the reasons that explain why it is also present on online casinos. Below you will find useful information about the game that you probably didn’t know and that will make you love it even more.

The basic rules of trump

Briscola is played using 40 cards typical of the Italian tradition, therefore with the Neapolitan ones which are the most popular or with the Piacenza ones. In both cases the rules are the same and also apply in the trump online. The value of the cards is higher starting from the bottom, in fact in the order we find the Ace, the Three, the Horse, the Jack and then gradually 7, 6, 5, 4 and 2. Given this, the cards are dealt to start counterclockwise which will also determine the sequence with which you will proceed with the subsequent rounds. Specifically, the dealer on duty distributes 3 to each individual player, and leaves one face up on the table, alongside the remaining cards of the deck that remain face down. The first will obviously be that of and it will be possible to win it only when it remains last.

The game of trump and the attribution of points

When you play trump on online casino sites that offer it along with the many slot machines, as required by the regulation, it is up to the first participant who is on the right to start playing and then continue in an anti-clockwise direction until the end, i.e. when the highest trump goes into the hands of one of the players. However, there is no obligation to play a specific card, in fact each participant in a hand of trumps can freely choose one of those in his possession. The player who wins a hand wins all the cards on the table and will also be the first to open the next one and with the possibility of deciding which of the four suits to become trump. In the Neapolitan cards it is known that there are those showing Batons, Cups, Coins and Swords. The scores of the cards in the game are predetermined and the lower ones are worth more. For example, the Ace is worth eleven points, the Three instead gives ten, while face cards such as King, Horse and Jack are worth respectively four, three and two points. From this it can be deduced that in the deck of 40 cards the maximum points up for grabs are 120 so that a hand is won by a player who manages to accumulate half plus one, therefore 61 cards. However, the game also provides for a draw; in fact, it can happen that both players score 60 points each. To determine the winner it will therefore be necessary to proceed with another hand and with the same rules.

Briscola with Neapolitan cards

In this guide, having talked about trump and its rules, and mentioned the most popular cards that allow you to play it, starting from the Neapolitan ones, we believe it is appropriate to provide you with further explanations on the matter with some interesting curiosities. Naples, despite being an Italian city, is very different from any other on the peninsula. Indeed, each place has its own character, a language, music, culture and even unique cards and games of chance. Among other things, the city has many symbols, including Pulcinella, a character from the Neapolitan puppetry, and which is part of the Commedia Dell’Arte, together with the more popular Arlecchino from Bergamo. Another is instead Partenope, or a siren, who fell in love with a centaur, called Vesuvius and Jupiter, irritated by their love, transformed him into a volcano and she into the city of Naples born on the islet of Megaride, i.e. where there is it is the Castel dell’Ovo. The Neapolitans represent a people proud of their origins, very funny and warm, but in their habits there is a good dose of sarcasm that can be identified right in the game of trumps. First of all, if you decide to play with the Neapolitan cards or with the same but on an online portal that offers it, then you must know that the design of the Neapolitan cards is truly unique, with no difference from the others, including the French ones; in fact the suits are always four. The first is called, for example Bastoni and the closest translation is the same and indicates clubs. The second is that of Swords, while the third and fourth are respectively called Pentacles and Cups. Figures aside, the 40 Neapolitan cards whose origins you now know will allow you to enjoy trumps and then play online on the sites that offer it (even alone against the dealer) and then try to collect some good winnings. obviously dependent on the amount you intend to bet.

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