Who was the worst Prime Minister of the Second Republic? Take the survey

Who was the worst Prime Minister of the Second Republic? This was the survey That Money.it wants to propose to his readers now that in Italy, given the much talk of presidentialism and premiership, there is a sort of debate on the recent political history of our country.


Who was the worst Prime Minister of the Second Republic?



In almost thirty years they have alternated well at Palazzo Chigi twelve presidents of the Councilwith Berlusconi who is the record holder given the four governments he has led, but in the Belpaese there has also been technical governments or broad agreements.

After an initial alternation between centre-right And centre-leftthe advent of 5 Star Movement it broke this substantial bipolarity that reigned in Italy with various governments that have followed one another in recent years in a climate of greater political uncertainty than in the past.

The purpose of this survey, which we recall has no scientific value but only indicative since it is not carried out on a sample basis, was to understand what was the worst Prime Minister during this second republic.

Best prime minister: the poll

This survey Of Money.it it arrives at the moment in which a woman is stationed at Palazzo Chigi, for the first time in the history of Italy: Giorgia Meloni. Before her, however, the center-right alone always governed thanks to Silvio Berlusconi.

In the centre-left, on the other hand, there was much more variety: initially Romano Prodi and then Massimo D’Alemato then arrive at the triptych Enrico Letta, Matthew Renzi And Paul Gentiloni. The 5 Star Movement, on the other hand, was represented by Joseph Conteinitially a lawyer lent to politics.

There was certainly no shortage of technical governments or broad agreements, such as those led by Lamberto Dini, Julian Amato, Mario Monti and last Mario Draghi.

Very different governments, which have had to go through political, social and economic crises, not to mention the various wars and the recent pandemic that has turned our lives upside down for two years.

Certainly not an easy choice given the different contexts in which these governments have operated, but which can be indicative for understanding what the bottom line was Prime Minister which least convinced the readers.

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