the assembly of dockers called today to vote

the assembly of dockers called today to vote
the assembly of dockers called today to vote

Livorno, 26 May 2023 – Who knows if this time will go better. Today the assembly of dockers is called again by the top management of the Company for ratify or not the sale of the Faldo di Collesalvetti autoport: an operation that has been at stake for at least a couple of years and has always been rejected by the assemblies, with the dockers defending the “last jewel” of the ancient heritage created by Italo Piccini, which has also been eroded over the years due to the crises that have arisen succeeded in the world of work on the dock.

This time, however, the sale is being proposed – the observers say – in much more concrete terms than those which were very nuanced in the previous meeting: that is, by presenting the company’s patrimonial situation to the dockers, which is very heavy: there is talk of several million debts between banks and tax authorities, to be settled urgently in order not to end up in a kind of default. The top management has already partially prepared the new meeting, providing figures, urgencies and offers from the other shareholder, the reinvigorated Koelliker groupwho promised to maintain employment and further develop the autoport.

A structure of over 70 hectarestotally urbanized, with services not only of car storage on the yards but also of bodywork, restoration, battery installation, asset overhaul and delivery.

The offer of the shareholder Koelliker, who already manages the fundamental part of operations with Eurotrade & Logistica, concerns real estate ownership, to which the Company’s dockers are historically very attached.

In recent statements by the CEO of Koelliker, Marco Saltalamacchia – the Gazzetta Marittima of last January – Eurotrade & Logistics has long been ready to take over the real estate side with a plan that would safeguard both employment and development, with new investments. The moment is also favorable because after the shutdown of the car market due to the pandemic, traffic is recovering strongly: and in particular arrivals from China and India are recovering, with thousands of cars already clogging the yards of the port of Livorno , waiting for an outlet towards the dealers.

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