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TOl beyond the apparently provocative title, the Netflix movie When I stopped caring and started masturbating is a hilarious comedy that teaches you how to let go of the weight of expectations and start focusing only on who you are.

Netflix presents the film from 26 May When I stopped caring and started masturbating. Swedish production comedy directed by Erika Wasserman in her first feature film, is played by the actress Katya Winter as Hanna, a career woman whose perfect life is suddenly turned upside down.

Beyond the title that plays with sex, the Netflix movie When I stopped caring and I Began to Jerk Off is a hilarious tale about giving up having to live up to other people’s expectations and about loosening the reins to seize the opportunities that present themselves.

The plot of the movie

When I stopped caring and started masturbating, the film proposed by Netflix, begins with Hanna (Katia Winter) who has an almost perfect life. Ambitious woman who just needs another child to be able to say fulfilled, Hanna is always striving to achieve more than positive results in every area.

However, her relationship with Morten (Jesper Zuschlag) is more strained than ever and, to save the relationship, Hanna decides to take a break from work as well. But it’s too late: suddenly, she finds herself without a place to live, without a family and even without a job. What to do then? The answer for someone like Hanna is simple: roll up your sleeves and take back everything you’ve lost, even at the cost of ending up in embarrassing situations and dealing with minor disasters.

However, succeeding means first of all conquering something that she doesn’t have yet and that is of fundamental importance: love and desire for herself and for who she is.

Netflix movie poster When I stopped caring and started masturbating.

The most important of the lessons

At the beginning of the Netflix movie When I stopped caring and started masturbating, Hanna is in the midst of her career. You live a stressful life that requires you to perform at the highest level and that doesn’t always make you be there for those around you and who love you. Her relationship with her cute Morten has inevitably suffered, prompting her to step down to spend more time with him and their adorable little son. Hanna has, however, underestimated her situation: she has lost too much time and her existence quickly collapses like a house of cards.

What begins from that moment is an amusing tour de force which, taking advantage of the timing and dynamics of comedy, leads to smiles and laughter at the circumstances in which Hanna runs into. Her journey to hell has just begun: waiting for her there will be moments when she will really hit rock bottom, like when she ends up sleeping with an old high school friend in a bunk bed that she has to share with a teenage son struggling with his own desires.

How will Hanna find solution and redemption? The answer comes from new friend Liv (Vera Carlbom, singer in her acting debut), a young woman who, with various jobs, is the most relaxed and carefree person in the world. And it is she who will give her the most important lesson: to know if something is wrong, just question your own vagina: “If you are relaxed enough to masturbate, all is well. If you are not, there is an imbalance in your existence”. And Hanna is anything but relaxed, which is why she has to turn Liv’s teachings upside down and masturbate until she is relaxed: only in this way will she be able to make the important decisions that concern her more serenely.

In her first film, director Erika Wasserman manages to manage even some embarrassing scenes with delicacy and balance, avoiding the risk of making them look awkward or in bad taste.

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