Canicattì serious accident, ambulance against minicar

Canicattì serious accident, ambulance against minicar
Canicattì serious accident, ambulance against minicar

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Canicattì accident this evening of Saturday 1 April 2023. A few hours ago, a girl was involved in a serious clash, at the gates of the municipality of Agrigento, in Sicily. According to the latest rumors, after all the tests carried out by the doctors of the ‘Barone Lombardo’ hospital, the girl is out of danger: the tests gave negative results.

The young woman suffered various bruises and some stitches on her right cheekbone, but fortunately no serious injuries. Given the conditions of the vehicles involved, however, it was a real miracle. The doctors at the local hospital will keep her under observation throughout the night, as required by hospital protocol.

Canicattì accident, the dynamics

From what we learn, an ambulance crashed into a micro car. The incident took place in the Gulfi district, on the outskirts of Canicattì.

The car driven by a local girl was overwhelmed by an ambulance traveling in emergency towards Agrigento, with a heart attack patient on board.

The micro car was about to turn at the crossroads in the Gulfi district, when the emergency vehicle, which was running in the direction of Agrigento, pounced on it. Her car was thrown about ten meters away and ended up colliding with a Renault Capture coming from the opposite lane.

The occupant of the small vehicle remained stuck between the plates, then freed upon the arrival of the Fire Brigade of the local Detachment. She was subsequently rushed to the ‘Sant’Elia di Caltanissetta’ hospital, where she is hospitalized for tests. At the moment, her exact health conditions are not known, but when she was taken to the emergency room she was conscious, and is now out of danger.

The two operators of the 118 were also taken to the hospital, to the ‘Barone Lombardo’… none of the injured is in danger of life.

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