Napoli-Milan, Ultras in protest over ticket prices

Champions ticket prices, the Ultras are not there: protest during Napoli-Milan

The Ultras they don’t fit. THE prices exorbitant prices of the so-called ‘popular’ sectors of the tickets for the second leg of the quarter-finals Champions League between Soccer Naples and the Milan scheduled for next April 18 at the stadium ‘Diego Armando Maradona’, have sparked the protest of Neapolitan organized cheering. The 90 euros to grab a seat on the bleachers of the curves aroused much controversy during the week, and the reaction of the supporters was not long in coming.

The Ultras meet on Sunday at 4.30 pm in Piazzale Tecchio

The organized groups met at 16.30 to Tecchio square tomorrow, to demonstrate all their passion with choirs, flags and smoke bombs, only to remain silent inside the stadium in protest. Below is the full text of the press release.

aurelius de laurentiis adl

aurelius de laurentiis adl

Aurelio De Laurentiis

Napoli-Milan, Ultras protest: the full text of the press release

“Less ultras and more families at the stadium. Which families? Given the prices, only the rich ones. Today we can only hear the mortification of many fathers who sacrificed half a salary to give their children a historical memory. 90 euros for a popular sector was the choice of the Naples Football Club, plus the umpteenth mockery: equalization of the price between the upper and lower ring, the latter defined even by insiders as a ‘blind grandstand’ due to the poor view of the playing field.

The Sir de Laurentiis he certainly thinks of only one family, which makes box office records: his.

As is known, it has been forbidden for months now for everyone, ultras and not, to bring any banner and symbol of belonging to the team due to a whim of Quaestor, Mayor and Adl, effectively extinguishing the passion and warmth that should have accompanied Napoli to victory in the Italian championship.

It is for these reasons that on Sunday 2nd April, our match will start from 16.30 to Piazzale Tecchio. We will meet there with flags, banners and smokestacks to recreate that atmosphere which is denied us inside the stadium. Everyone is invited to participate, especially those families who cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of being able to enter. Bring your colors with you!

In the corners we will remain silent and we will go back to singing out beyond the ninetieth for that city and that shirt that we have always defended ”.



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