That’s who Daniele Carlomosti is, cinema extra who became ruthless Roman drug boss

«Ten kilos of smoke I can’t even take them off Toto Riina» said the narcos of La Rustica Daniele Carlomosti before beat bloody one of his debtor. «The Giant» risks now 20 years in prison and the investigative documents on his criminal association offer a handbook for the homicides of the last weeks in Rome.

Selfies with movie stars
“I have it shattered all tied up in sacks. We have video called his wife while we were hitting him with a blow”, says the 44-year-old himself, intercepted, appearance in films successful in his parallel life («Criminal novel», «A cat on the ring road», «Gangs of New York» with attached selfie with Claudius Amendola, Christian De Sica, Alexander Gassman, Tom Hanks).

The debtor tortured for 5 hours
In this case, after having asked permission from the Camorra boss Michele Senese, Carlomosti dedicated himself to torture For five hours (weapons, pliers, a drill) his debtor in a apartment set up with plastic sheeting on the floor in anticipation of the gushes of blood. For this and other episodes the power of attorney he asked yesterday in abbreviated form (therefore with sentences already reduced by a third) further 145 years old total prison sentences for the 13 members of a criminal association which, by shooting, kidnapping, beating and making agreements, aimed to impose its hashish in the Capitoline drug dealing squares.

The ramifications of the band
“We are four groups that are together. I buy this part, my friend does the part of South Rome hey Castles and another a Cinecittà and therefore when something arrives we all have it», reveals Carlomosti again. As reconstructed from the investigations by the Carabinieri of the investigative unit, merged into the arrest warrant of last May (31 total suspects), the name of Carlomosti appears in various capacities in practically all inquiries on organized crime in the city.

Carminati’s comment
Said of Siena, it refers to him Massimo Carminati in «Mondo di mezzo» when he weighs their ferocity: «Questi so’ brutti forte». But Carlomosti has relations with Fabrizio Piscitelli Diabolik, who offers himself as a torturer having a credit with the same victim.

The crime network
The 44-year-old de The Rustica is then in business with Alexander Corvesiitself related to Albanian Elvis Demce (who was also careful to film the kidnapping of one of his debtors to make his ferocity known), and appears in the investigation into the drug ring in which Francesco Vitale was also involved, who died a few weeks ago at the Magliana in an attempt to escape the torture of his other creditors.

You shoot his brother
The same Giant he doesn’t hesitate to open fire on his brother Simone and set fire to his father’s car. The gang’s biggest deal, attempting to import a ton of hashish via Spain, instead it is thwarted by the Moroccan police.

The prosecutor: “Mafia method”
The pm Edward De Santis charges the defendants with the aggravating circumstance of mafia method. Eight years and eight months is the request for Carlomosti’s wife, Romina Faloci, coinvolved in the kidnapping; same penalty for the aunt Cecilia Leowhile 10 years and eight months risk Armando De Propris, father of one of the killers convicted in the first instance of the murder of Luke Sacchi (and himself acquitted of supplying the gun), rushed to the beating of another debtor.

“I’m killing you”
Among the harassed of the gang also William Casinelli, ultras of Rome, forced to repay by handing over luxury watches and a suv. Another detail is repeated in the recent settlements of drug accounts: “I’m killing you, you’re about to die, now call home and tell me to let me in,” Carlomosti says to his victim. Just like Vitale’s kidnappers did.

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