foul-smelling black smoke in the sky

foul-smelling black smoke in the sky
foul-smelling black smoke in the sky

Novara, 29 March 2023 – Hours of fear are upon us Novara for a big one fire flared up today in the industrial area of San Pietro Mosezzo. The fire involves the Kemi Srl, company that produces paints, industrial dyes and solvents. The flames broke out in the factory, located in the neighboring municipality in the north-east direction of the city. Hear also explosions.

A very high column of black and foul-smelling smoke rose this morning and is visible not only from every point of the city, but up to the Milanese plain.

Lots of fire trucks at the scene of the fire. There are also many ambulances: at the moment there is no news of dead or injured, but the local police underline that the situation is constantly evolving. Sources refer to a “complex” scenario. The industrial area of ​​San Pietro Mosezzo has been evacuated due to the risk of new explosions. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

“Keep the windows closed”

The councilor for safety of the Municipality of Novara does not hide his fears, Raffaele Lenzo. “We are following the situation minute by minute, in liaison with the prefecture and with Arpa”, he says. “We are waiting to have certain news, but it is clear that there is concern”, he adds. “The advice we are giving is that to keep the windows closed”.

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