“Left alone by the institution, now double complaint”

“Bullyed” at school, called a “monster” by some classmates scars who have disfigured his face a 12 years due to a terrible road accident: after making the rounds of social media and mass media, even arriving in ParliamentZimella’s case-shock (Verona) will land in court. The parents of the child, after being «forced to change schools to make our son find serenity again», they will turn to the Scaliger judiciary «to obtain justice».

“The school left us alone”

Overwhelmed by a van in Veronella while he was driving a scooter by handon May 13th Francis (invented name chosen in agreement with the family, ed) ended in coma risking his life: he made it by a miracle, but the violent impact has indelibly markedleaving him disabled and 37 percent disabled. For him, a former young promise of rugbythe path of recovery it is extremely difficult, both physically and psychologically. “Stayed reacting with all his strength, however when he returned to school in September things went downhill – his parents reported last week to the Veron Courierto -. Our son comes mocked for scars and the impairments who left him with the accident, they insult him, they make fun of him, saying “ignorantYou are a stupid”. Some even raise their hands. Several times we asked for help from the school (the comprehensive institute of Zimella, ed) which instead left us alone ».

Double complaint

In the end Francesco’s mom and dad explain that «we had to give up And pick it up to enroll him in another school that he can attend with peace of mind, without more cry at the thought of the bullies who make fun of him»: this one the accusation launched by the parents of the 12 year old, who have decided to contact the judicial authority. On March 18 they went to their lawyer: they intend to file a statement complaint for two reasons. The first is to dispute the accusation of «private violence» against theschool authority which «has forced us to move our son to another institution not being in any way intervened to protect it”. Secondly, the parents also intend to proceed against a teacher in particular, advancing the hypothesis of «injuries» against Francesco for «one unfortunate episode happened in the past few weeks, when it is allowed to manipulateto heavily touch the scar on my son’s face and to to examine The results of the operation. We asked for the intervention of the management which has recalled the teacher. The latter, however, never saw fit to apologize with my son”.

“Bullies need to be educated”

He also intervenes on the possible criminal aftermath of the affair Alberto Pallottipresident of theUnitary association of families and road victimsfrom the beginning alongside Francesco’s parents: «The fact that the family accuses of having been forced to do something she didn’t want to doi.e. changing the child’s school because she did not feel sufficiently protected, throws even more shadows on a story that today is very far from being concluded or clarified. Also in this case the family suffered a abuse, a violence. Bullies – for Pallotti – go educatedit must be made to understand that they are wrong, that the disabled must be protected and not insulted. They are young guys, they can also make mistakes. But it is intolerable that adults allow this type of abuse against the disabled, people in difficulty, weak subjects. Francesco is an innocent victim of a road accident that marked him in body and soul. We think only and exclusively of Francesco’s psychophysical health and we will stop at nothing”.

Zaia: forcing bullies to do social work in favor of the victims

Meanwhile, the case has also landed in Parliamentwhere, as we anticipated on Thursday, one was presented interrogation by the Veronese deputy of Forza Italia Flavio Tosi: «If a young person who has become disabled, instead of being protected and feeling at home in a place of education, training and growth such as school, is even forced to move in order not to suffer continuous offenses and humiliations, all this represents a unacceptable defeat for the state», says Tosi, who asks the Ministry what initiatives «it intends to take, including the desirable activation of a inspection activity ». An emergency, that of bullying, on which the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia: «Schools must guarantee a serene, protected, positive environment: there must not be the slightest space for those who practice these actions. Words and intentions are no longer enough. I propose – it’s Zaia’s idea – sanctions in the sign of retaliation: compel the bullies, if necessary by applying the law, a social work right where they hurt. Whether it’s racism, homophobia, disability: they are forced to work, to help their own victims.

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