Itri / Accident on the “Valle del Liri” regional road, a motorcyclist dies

ITRI ​​– A tragic accident occurred around 1.30 pm on the Valle del Liri regional road, in the Itri area, along the section that leads to the crossroads of the Civita Sanctuary, in an area very popular with motorcyclists due to the curves and steep climbs. According to preliminary information, the accident was caused by a road accident involving a motorcyclist who lost his life due to the impact. The driver of the motorcycle would have been the victim of an autonomous accident, without involvement of other vehicles. The local police of Itri, 118 and the forest carabinieri immediately intervened on the spot, but unfortunately for the motorcyclist there was nothing they could do: the young man, in fact, died instantly following the terrible impact.

The causes of the accident are still being examined by the investigators, who are carrying out the findings of the case to try to reconstruct what happened. It could have been an excess of speed that caused the accident, or an error in riding the bike. The stretch of road where the accident occurred is very popular with motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts due to the demanding curves and steep climbs. However, precisely because of its characteristics, it is also a very dangerous place where fatal accidents often occur. Just a month ago, there was a collision in the same stretch of road between two motorbikes, in which Daniele Materazzo, 27 years old from Arce, and a couple residing in the municipality of Fondi, Rosanna Addessi and Guido De Filippis, 46 years old the woman and 43 the man.

At this moment, the local police are managing the road network to allow emergency vehicles and law enforcement agencies to work better at the scene of the accident. There is no further information on the victim or on the possible repercussions on traffic in the area, but it is advisable to avoid the regional Liri Valley at this time.

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