six suspects risk prosecution

six suspects risk prosecution
six suspects risk prosecution

Bologna, 19 March 2023 – Investigations closed for the six suspects for the death of the fifteen year old Marco Lelli Ricci. It has been almost a year since the accident that took his life young basketball player from Granarolo, who died last April 3 in via Nuova, between Renazzo and Pilastrello in the municipal area of ​​Cento, Ferrara, inside the car that ended up in the abyss of a road construction site. At the end of a series of advice and insightsin recent days, the notice of closure of the preliminary investigations.

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Marco Lelli Ricci, who was the boy who died in the Cento accident

The prosecutor Fabrizio Valloni to all he disputes the road murder in competition, even if with various distinctions in the reasons that lead to the dispute. For the father of very young (assisted by the lawyer Vittorio Galassetti), driving the car with his wife at his side, it would be a liability linked to the speed held when entering the stretch of road in approach at the construction site, which would have been 30 kilometers per hour higher than the established limit of 50. For the lass (assisted by the lawyer Riccardo Ziosi) driving the car whose license plate had been found by the carabinieri near the chasm in which the car crashed with the fifteen-year-old and his parents on board, instead, reference would be made to his having hit the fence protecting the excavation in the hours preceding the accident, without then having taken steps to restore it.

How long however, it concerns the two officials of the Province (assisted by the lawyers Massimo Bissi and Luca Esposito), the body that owns the road and contractor for the reconstruction works of a small bridge on via Nuova, and the two managers of the company that was carrying out the works (assisted by the lawyer Davide Bertasi) the prosecutor allegedly contested the non-strict observance of the safety regulations on the construction site and the inadequate reporting of the same. The victim’s mother and brother, injured parties, are assisted by the lawyer Dario Bolognese.

The death of the young man Lelli Ricci it happened in the dark of an evening that should have been a holiday for the family, returning home after a basketball game. But at 9 pm on April 3, 2022, that cursed abyss took away Marco’s young life. Breaking all his dreams of teenager. The investigations immediately launched were carried out by the carabinieri; the six suspects were soon registered and requests for medico-legal and kinematic advice, as well as checks on the application of the safety rules on road construction sites.

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