Marco Lelli Ricci, who was the boy who died in the Cento accident

Marco Lelli Ricci, who was the boy who died in the Cento accident
Marco Lelli Ricci, who was the boy who died in the Cento accident

Cento (Ferrara), 4 April 2022 – “There is news that is never easy to give, unfortunately yesterday the life of Marco Lelli Riccifrom this season a member of the u.16 and u.17 of Basket Village”. A cry of pain comes from the facebook page of the Granarolo Basket Village after the news of tragic crash in the Ferrara area where the 15-year-old died Lower Quarter.

UPDATE Marco Lelli Ricci accident, the road of tragedy seized

“He spent the first years of the youth sector in the Virtus Bologna and this year he had arrived in our society – continues la squad -. The whole large family of Granarolo Basket Village embraces their parents, brother and relatives and is close to them in this moment of great pain“.

And even the ‘Vu nera’ wanted to remember the young player who tragically died: “Virtus Segafredo Bologna expresses its condolences for the passing of the young Marco Lelli Ricci, who grew up playing basketball in the Juventus youth sector where he played until last September – is the team’s press release -. The whole Club gathers around the family, his teammates and the Granarolo Basket Village in this moment of great pain”.

Also Strength Basketball join in our unanimous condolences on the passing of Marco Lelli Riccisharing the discouragement and expressing their sincere and moved closeness to the family of the young Marco, to Virtus Pallacanestro and to the Granarolo Basket Village.

The fatal crash

L”accident it happened late yesterday evening. Marco was in the car with the two parents, aged 55 and 54. They were driving along a peripheral road a Hundred, in the province of Ferrara, perhaps because they were just returning to Quarto from a trip out of town. During the journey, the car suddenly went off the road on its own and then crashed, with a very violent impact, on the side of the road.

The paramedics attended the scene 118: the 15 year old, wedged between the sheets, was extracted lifeless. The injured parents were airlifted tomajor hospital where they are now hospitalized in medium gravity code and would not be life threatening.

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