Why Donald Trump risks being arrested on Tuesday, March 21st

Why Donald Trump risks being arrested on Tuesday, March 21st
Why Donald Trump risks being arrested on Tuesday, March 21st

Donald Trump is likely to be arrested on Tuesday 21 March, as stated by the former US president with an announcement on Truth, his private platform. A post in all caps, figuratively and otherwise, in which Trump called on citizens to rebelaccusing the Manhattan attorney’s office of being “corrupt and politicized”. The post, however, does not explain the reason for the alleged arrest, even if it is assumed that the risk is connected to the investigation into the black payments from the Trump Organization.

Why Donald Trump risks arrest

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is investigating Donald Trump’s role in the illegal payments made by the Trump Organization, although the former president has always declared himself unaware of the facts. In particular, much of the story revolves around the figure of Stormy Danielsthe porn star who received well $130,000 just before Trump’s successful election. The woman, born Stephanie A. Gregory Clifford, was allegedly paid to keep quiet about her (alleged) affair with Trump in 2006.

The payment, which took place in October 2016, was made by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen and, according to New York investigators, it would have been returned to him thanks to the falsification of balance sheets of the Trump Organization. Cohen in 2018 was then sentenced to 3 years of imprisonmentdeclaring himself guilty of tax evasion and violation of campaign finance rules. It also seems that on Monday he confirmed the hypothesis regarding the payments.

The indictment of Donald Trump, will he really be arrested?

According to the New York Times, Trump would have been invited to appear before a grand juries, the jury which has the function of identifying if the elements are present to start a real trial. One of the former president’s lawyers, Joe Tapina, confirmed that Trump’s indictment is “more likely” following Cohen’s statements. In other words, the indictment appears almost certain (also on the basis of the declarations of the person concerned) but for the moment new developments cannot be foreseen. If Trump were right, he would become the first US president prosecuted in criminal trial.

In any case, it is not possible to establish with certainty the date of a possible arrest, which in any case must be carried out in compliance with the procedure. Specifically, the arrest and translation of the former president from his Florida resort to New York must be validated and authorized by the state governor, currently Ron DeSantis. The latter was however indicated as possible election candidate 2024 Republican primary.

This meeting between justice and politics is obviously not welcome to Trump’s legal team, who wrote about it to the commissioner of the New York investigation department. In the letter, the lawyers accuse Chief Prosecutor Alvin Bragg and his predecessor, Cyrus Vance Jr. of failing to conduct the investigation fairly, having based it on political motivations.

Trump, the outburst and the invitation to revolt

Trump is almost certain of the arrest, so much so that he advances very serious accusations against the Manhattan Attorney’s Office, which he blames for the rise in the crime rate. Even before having certainty, the former president has already wanted to warn the people of the groundlessness of the charges and the lack of evidence indicating a crime. The accusations against him, in fact, would not have been considered truthful by other prosecutors.

In his appeal to US citizens, however, even Donald Trump mixes justice with politics, blaming left-wing politicians for having destroyed the nation. “Our nation is now third world and dying, the American dream is dead,” wrote the former president, blaming inflation and impunity for leftist criminals. For this, Donald Trump has called on citizens to rebel against his arrest and that of “American patriots” and save the country.

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