Michael Schumacher, revelation of Ralf: here’s what happens

Michael Schumacher, revelation of Ralf: here’s what happens
Michael Schumacher, revelation of Ralf: here’s what happens

Ralf Schumacher has come to the defense of his nephew Mick after his dismissal from Haas. The former F1 driver also talks about his brother Michael.

The surname Schumacher made F1 history, with Michael winning an impressive seven world titles during his astonishing careerbut Ralf also knew how to have his say at the time of Williams-BMW, with which he won six races. His problem, like that of many other talents that happened in that period, is that he had to come up against a phenomenon like the Kaiser of Kerpen and against the Ferrari stronger than any age, who conquered all there was to win.

Ralf and Michael Schumacher

Michael decided to finally say enough in 2012, after the three-year experience with Mercedeswhile Ralf had already retired way back in 2007 after the years in Toyota. Surname Schumacher it thus made its way back years later, with the young Mick, son of Michael and nephew of Ralf, who made his way into the minor categories.

In 2018 came the triumph in German Formula 3, to then establish itself in Formula 2 in 2020 with the Prema team. At that point, the time was ripe for the debut in F1, which in fact took place in 2021 with the Haasalongside Nikita Mazepin. Mick has always been a member of the Ferrari Driver Academywho supported his career up to F1, but then something broke forever.

Schumacher, Ralf defends Mick and talks about Michael

The split between Haas and Mick Schumacher took place in November 2022, when he was informed who would be replaced this year by his compatriot Nico Hulkenberg. There Ferrari in fact, he broke all agreements, and the young German thus got married at the Mercedesas the third driver behind Lewis Hamilton And George Russell.

It was a great pity, because seeing that surname in F1 had a very special flavor, but things didn’t go as hoped. Many have not digested the behavior of Gene Haas And Gunther Steineror the owner and team principal of the American team, accused of having treated young Mick badly.

It must be said that the son of art has made mistakes and quite a few too, but some things have been far too exaggerated. In the new season of the series NetflixDrive to Survive“, after an accident of the young Schumy, Gene Haas he even stated “Mick is a man died“, a very unpleasant sentence, especially given the situation of the family.

He then expressed himself on all this, during an interview with “F1-Insider“, Uncle Ralf, who certainly didn’t like what happened: “No I changed my mind about what happened between Haas and Mick. I think that as an experienced man it’s not right to treat a young boy like this, it shouldn’t have gone that far. Everyone in F1 has to withstand the pressure, but sometimes the limits are crossed. The thing that bothers me the most is that if my brother Michael had been there things would have gone differently“.

The former pilot of Williams And Toyota he is convinced that if Michael had been there, things would have gone very differently: “I just think Michael’s presence would have been enough. I repeat that everyone does what they want, but Mick is a member of my family. My name is Ralf Schumacher, we have the same last name, and I don’t like a member of my family being treated badly and suffering. I think Mick had a good chance, that was very clear“.

The end of the adventure between Mick and la Haas it was a bad blow, but nobody rules out that something positive could happen in the future. The German showed that in some ways he can stay in this world, as long as he manages to limit the too many mistakes and accidents that cost him his job.

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